December 4th, 2018 at 2:00 PM ^

To be fair with that thread title,  it can be about so many things.  

Of course I don't understand the the threads that basically boil down to "People paid to have an opinion, has one."  

Let's get outraged and/ or celebrate.  The people being paid with few exceptions have very little clue what's going at Michigan compared to people on the board.


At least they finally got rid of the Beilein and his 1-3-1 zone schtick  talking heads

Longballs Dong…

December 4th, 2018 at 3:19 PM ^

You should be mad at the first OP.  That title sucks.  The OP has a very clear subject and I doubt this topic comes up again.  

Also, this isn't crazy.  Northwestern is 6-2 with nothing really impressive or alarming about their wins/losses.  They played Indiana to a 2 point loss on the road.  We seem to struggle at Northwestern and home court means a lot in basketball.  While I certainly expect to win this game, I wouldn't be surprised if it's close.  This reminds me way too much of the Northwestern football thread that was almost exactly this same thing.  The board called everyone stupid because the line was only 7 or 8.  Maybe we should just play the game and see what happens before getting upset.   


December 4th, 2018 at 1:56 PM ^

I had NO idea ESPNs little game predictor would cause such consternation on the board.  My guess is we're one "We really like Florida to upset Michigan in the Peach Bowl" prediction away from full on gnashing of teeth and actual rendering of garments. 


December 4th, 2018 at 2:05 PM ^

I dunno man.  Two posts in less than three hours on the human tragedy that is the ESPN predictor seems pretty consternatious to me anyways.

I guess I'm learning something new today because I always assumed EVERYBODY ignored those idiots who basically just yell at each other for 30 minutes with buckets and buckets of HAWT TAEKES but no.  There is actually a subset of other posters who not only read their pretentious drivel but are actually upset by it from time to time.

Who knew?


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The nice thing about v 3.0 of mgoblog is that you can go to the board to see if anyone else has posted on your topic previously. There's a nifty button under the 7 message board posts. It is entitled "Go to MGoBoard." It has the latest 35 posts. And it also has a feature that lets you page down and down and down and down!! I would encouragte you look at the publish date of anything you wish to link. If it is older than today, you would be wise to look at the MGoBoard history. Obv., if you are putting up a post of something brand new, or something from a very obscure news source not covered extensively, you will probably not find a duplicate post. Of course, the best kind of post is first person new information not out there anywhere!! And the worst kind of post is hottakes or snowflakes or polls/questions, i.e., "How many wins do you think Michigan will get in basketball this year?"


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Well Michigan did lose at Northwestern last year 52-61, over a week after beating them in Ann Arbor 58-47.

Northwestern's Taylor + Pardon+Law combination has been a real bright spot for the Wildcats this season.

Still, their loss at Indiana last week was really bad. Really bad.


December 4th, 2018 at 2:20 PM ^

Ken Pomeroy disagrees.  Northwestern moved up substantially after performing better than expected in that game.

Having Northwestern as a slight favorite isn't nearly as ridiculous as people are making it out to be. It's really hard to win on the road, and while the computers don't recognize letdown games, humans certainly do.

KenPom gives NW a 31% chance of pulling the upset.  53% is obviously much higher than 31%, but it would hardly be Chaminade-over-UVa or, well, UMBC-over-UVa.

To put this in context: KenPom currently has this tied for seventh-most-difficult among Michigan's remaining schedule (@MSU, @Wisconsin, @Indiana, @Maryland, @PSU, @Iowa, then tied with home vs. MSU).