Eron Harris not on campus; UM has moved on

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Per Chris Balas at TheWolverine. Very odd turn of events.


Michigan is no longer pursuing WVU hoops transfer Eron Harris and he is not on campus. He will decide Monday.

— Chris Balas (@Balas_Wolverine) June 7, 2014



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Tom Izzo hasn't gotten the results to which he has been accustomed since John Beilein made him unable to use the Ed Martin scandal as a rectuiting tool   When Beilein headed the ethics committee, it sorta blew Izzo's "argument" out of the water.

Since Michigan became a major player again, Tom Izzo has had to work his ass off and see diminishing returns.  If he had done the right thing and expelled Payne and Appling after the Wonders Hall incident, Sparty would have been a .500 team at best in Big Ten play.  He does a great job of coaching his style, but his teams are always a player or two short of being as good as they used to be.  Those players end up at Michigan now.

When Tom Izzo jumps out of his seat over a three-star recruit, the dynamic has changed.  I think the fact that there aren't any more NBA "rumors" says it all about Tom Izzo: he isn't fooling anyone except Sparty fans and the media anymore.

I used to wish he would leave.  Now I hope he stays so I can watch Sparty fans turn on him in the next few years.



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Izzo is a fine coach for the style of basketball he wants to play, and given the relative talent in the NCAA that should be enough to keep him consistently winning.  But there will be far more variance in the coming years, not just because the competition in the conference is improving but also because, at some point, being a defense-first team with an ugly offense will turn off major recruits, especially given that Izzo is a pretty up-and-up recruiter.


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His starting lineup last year consisted of three 5 stars in Payne, Dawson and Harris and two four stars in Valentine and Appling. Name one player he developed? Maybe Neitzel?


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Draymond Green was a 4 star recruit. The facts say that Izzo's best days are behind him. I don't care if some Michigan fans don't want to accept it. His final four streak is gone, he has less big ten titles, and less final fours than his instate rival, and a losing record against Michigan in his last 4 seasons. What more does it take for fans to accept the fact that he isn't the same guy they had a decade ago? All of this would be sacrilegious to MSU fans in the mid 2000s. For some reason it's ok to say bad things about our coaches on this blog but Izzo and Dantonio are untouchable.


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I'm just stating the difference between criticisizing our coaches and their coaches. Many on criticize Hoke and RR for having a losing record to MSU in the past 5 years and now that they have a losing record to us the last half decade in bball we can't do it to them. Why is that?How many more years do we have to beat them for? 5? 10? 15?


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I so thoroughly agree with this. It's six out of the last nine now over the last four years and even the last one was skewed (three games in three days takes a lot of a team's legs and that's going to hurt the more perimeter-oriented team more). That's not a small sample anymore. We used to get swept by them every year, then Beilein came and we started to steal them at home. Now Beilein has better talent and continues to be a better coach and now we sweep them. TImes have changed. 


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Nobody says Dantonio is untouchable, and this blog rips Izzo quite a bit.  But he's consistently produced winners for damn near 20 years, and this "down" stretch the past 4 years produced 1 conference regular season championship, one BTT championship, 2 Sweet 16 and 1 Elite 8 appearance.  Yes, UM is on the uptick, but burying Izzo because of some selective calendar viewing and subjective measurements of results is what lazy, biased fans do.  Or as I like to call them, Spartans.


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It was relevant years ago, and for as much as I disliked Amaker's coaching at the time, those teams were reasonably competitive and, with a bit more luck, could have jump-started the renaissance we are seeing now.  Fans, though, tend to have short memories, and especially amongst the (largely young) readership of this blog and other sites.


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You don't get 3rd team also especially when the league looks to be down this year.

Guy is the other teams best player at all times he is on the floor. I like my chances on this