Eron Harris expected to go to MSU

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He did not make it yesterday and was at MSU a couple of days ago. Well, cannot get them all.




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Story is Harris cooled on Beilein after he spoke with some of the West Virginia faculty and staff and coustodians at their gym.   I give the kid credit for doing his due dilligence.  


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Honestly not trying to troll here. Do people here actually believe that a Division 1 basketball coach of any kind would actually let a potential recruit, transfer or not, bring his group of friends for a visit and party?

I mean, I know you guys don't like Izzo, but even dbags like Self and Calipari wouldn't let something like that happen. All I ever hear from UM fans is how Izzo is an old grumpy man who won't let his players have any fun. But yes, despite that, he will let recruits bring their posse to campus for the weekend and get down. 

Just my two cents.

Blue from Ohio

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Who knows so much is speculation and this being a Michigan board a lot of peopel want to use any nugget to throw Izzo under into the fire.  Who knows what happens when it comes to visits Im sure theres not a huge screening process as to who can come and who can not.  That being said, Beilien's track road for recruiting exceptional young men and developing them with their basketball skills is exceptional.  I dont follow basketball close enough to give an expert opiinion, but when you consider Beilein has had a hand in developing under the radar guys like Burke, Hardaway Jr, Robinson, and Stauskas, its pretty impressive.


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Nah I mean that's totally fair. I'm not gonna act like crazy things aren't said on MSU message boards as well. This just really caught my attention as something so ridiculously far fetched.

More than anything I just think Sam Webb is pathetic. I thought the whole McDowell thing would end his credibility but apparently not.


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Would you really have a problem with it if Izzo let him bring a couple friends with him to party it up a bit? In an environment as dirty as college basketball recruiting, Izzo and Belein have to fight against schools they you know aren't playing by the rules, I would have no problem if Belein let the kid bring a couple friends with him to AA. We can't offer him what a Kentucky or Kansas can and they are trying to sell the kid on their school. Stop acting like it's so dam outrageous to think Izzo would let the guy do's not.


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To each their own, but yes I would personally be a bit appalled if Izzo let the kid bring his friends up to party for the weekend. I wouldn't expect something like that from either Izzo or Beilein, who I would consider two of the cleanest coaches in the game. 


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Kinda funny my buddy at work is a huge Sparty hoop slappy and he doesn't want anything to do with him. Says if he can't handle Huggins's way of coaching,
Won't fit in with it IZZO.


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had Rob Parker on. I can't stand Parker and this is only him talking but he said Izzo to the Timberwolves was a done deal if Minnesota could  have guaranteed that Kevin Love would re-sign. I'm not going to start a thread because there is no way to prove or disprove this but I thought I'd throw it out here.


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I wonder how Izzo is going to like the twitter name. Don't get me wrong. I would have liked to get him based on performance but I trust Beilein's decisions and I look at the rumors and his twitter handle and wonder if there isn't a bit of entitlement.


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According to the news article, mom and dad were with him on his visit.  I wonder if they bought beer for the kids under 21 who were partying with him on campus.  


That is the story that Sam Webb wants us to believe right?   I can see the news story actually lying.  I mean Sam is way more credible.  He's connected.


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Friends going on a recruiting visit? Players that are going to party? When was the last time any basketballer from UM actually went to a party? Oh wait, Mitch McGary got busted for pot literally months ago? But yeah we are worried about a high schooler that we had been recruiting for months and would drop him like that because some rumors about his friends wanting to party? Do you realize how dumb this all sounds?