Eron Harris expected to go to MSU

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He did not make it yesterday and was at MSU a couple of days ago. Well, cannot get them all.




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Franz Schubert

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Reported that Michigan canceled his visit. Sounds like Harris brought his friends on the visit to MSU (party time) and wanted to bring them along to UM. Michigan told him something along the lines of MSU is the place for you then. This was posted on Mlive but was originally on Scout.


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I have no idea if that thirdhand info is accurate or not, but it would be entirely in keeping with Beilein's MO to take the way a possible transfer/prospect handles campus visits into account in deciding whether to continue recruiting that player. It's all part of his vetting process, and it's one of the reasons why he insists on a prospect visiting Ann Arbor before making an official scholarship offer.


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...and Beilein's MO of talking to different members of a student's community, including lesser appreciated workers like janitors and cafeteria workers.

That was how Bacari Alexander found out that McGary was a genuinely nice guy. Bacari talked to a groundskeeper at his school and got a story about a freshman bawling when the kid's mom dropped him off. McGary saw the kid, consoled him, and brought him into the school with McGary's friends. One of my favorite Michigan stories. (ESPN Insider - $)


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If anyone seriously believes the ludicrous story about Harris' visit to East Lansing...Well, look, some people can convince themselves of some fascinating stuff to save face/pride/respect...However you want to phrase it.

The bottom line, the astute observers on this board, that waxed poetically about the demise (hell, even the decline) of Izzo and MSU Basketball, are just thinking a little too much with their hearts, and not quite enough with their heads.


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I think this story is a bit dubious as well, but considering we have another pretty high-profile kid in McDowell going to MSU and reports coming out that there might have been an extra-curricular component, it isn't out of the realm of possibility.  That said, this ship has sailed, and I wish Harris the best except when he plays UM.  


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Very well could be the case.  I guess I'm always a bit skeptical when the story about a missed recruit is that he wanted to party super-hard at the rival's school (known for being a party school with less, um, studious students) and the other school told him "good sir, we are an academic institution first.  Maybe this type of behavior flies at Moo U, but certainly not here. Good Day!"

But yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case.  Beilein seems like the type of coach who would cut contact with a kid who didn't fit the mold as much as the playbook.


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If there is anything that Tom Izzo has proven, it's that he will allow players to do whatever they want to off the court as long as they take care of business on it.  

If I was a kid I would want to go there, but if I was a parent, I would want him to stay away.


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Sucks he's going to MSU, I think he's a good player. But I don't think their offense will take advantage of his strengths as much as Michigan's would. Not that he'll be ineffective at MSU or anything like that though.

Wolverine Devotee

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At least he's already used to losing to Michigan from that beatdown in Brooklyn. Won't be much different, except he has to learn to play the injury whining violin that izzo has mastered.


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Not close?  I said he'd end up at one of two schools.  He did.  That's it.  I wasn't predicting how the process wouldp play out, just how it would end.  It was a light-hearted statement above, I'm not pretending to be some know-it-all.  I know the internet is hard to convey things, light-hearted jabs/sarcasm/etc., but again, it was a simple, sophomoric "I told you so".  I just had a feeling our dumb luck, if you will, would have him end up at one of our rivals, and sure enough, it seems as though that will happen.



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Congrats on saying a recruit will wind up at one of the two other programs actively recruiting him.  

You also said that UM was losing "TOP NOTCH/ELITE" kids, which is why UM is bringing in 2 top-100 players.  I think Harris will be okay at MSU, but he's not known for his defense and Izzo's offenses have not been that dynamic recently, especially when Harris wasn't shooting well or creating off the dribble.  I doubt Eron sniffs anything close to the numbers he put up this year, and wouldn't be surprised if he became nothing more than a situational shooter unless Izzo works some amazing magic with him.  


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Gracias (love me some Ross).  (I stated that when 11 schools were interested in him, 18% chance deserves a cookie?!)  but yeah, I tend to agree.  I've seen him play and once he was in the discussion for coming here, I felt it would be a decent addition to the team.  In a way it sucks we won't get him but of course we'll "survive" without him.  It'll be an interesting fit for him in EL, we'll see how it goes.  Hopefully you're right, he never ends up playing as a typical Izzo guy.


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It seemed odd that he would not at least visit. That said it's also very possible that the kid just decided he wanted to play for Sparty. Believe it or not it happens.

Blue from Ohio

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No big loss.  I like hearing that we've landed a big player as much as the next guy, but if MSU is the place for him, fine.  Beilein has show he can do as much as anybody in the country with so called lesser talent (based on star ratings).  Harris is a good player but Beilein and co will be fine.  Maybe it's the Bud Light's talking, but from what I've seen in Beilein, as good as Izzo has been historically, I'm more confidend in what Beilein is doing currently with the progam than what Izzo is doing.  Beilein will develop whatever 3 star or 4 star he lands into a first round NBA talent and we'll all be happy watching that happen.  I truly believe a shifting of the guard is happening where Beilein will be the new standard in the B1G for developing talent / success, which is what the young kids want.


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read multiple reports that Michigan lost interest. I don't know if Webb's version is accurate though.

Michigan's staff has talked multiple times about team chemistry and the non-basketball factors they evaluate. This is why we don't see JB having sleepovers like Izzo did a few years ago when he was struggling with team chemistry.