Erik Swenson Officially Re-Opens his Recruitment

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Very classy status considering the circumstances.


EDIT:  Just to keep this thread on topic, my above commentary around "the circumstances"  refers to the fact that Swenson obviously wants to be in the class and does not have that opportunity.  Regardless of why, that has to be tough for a kid, and I respect that he didn't take potshots.  That's often not the case.  I am not drawing any conclusions around whether it was ethical on the coaching staff's part, as I don't know those details, so direct your angry commentary around that elsewhere.  



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Yeah, Harbaugh didn't even speak to him, Drevno called him a week ago.

OK, I previously said this stuff wouldn't bother me, but this is pretty bad, the kid was committed to Michigan since 2013.  He stuck with us through a coaching change and a lot of other stuff.  He deserved better than a call from an assistant 3 weeks before signing day.  He missed out on experiencing the official visits he could hjave had to other schools because he was loyal to us.

Wonder what's going on with Enis too.


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Swenson was rated as a TOP 5 OL recruit as a sophomore; now he isn't even in the Top 30 OL recruits. Could it be possible that he regressed himself out of UM? Not that I agree with the timing....…

Interesting note; Rashan Gary was an Soph All American as an OL... Dude could play on both lines! Lol


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Sam Webb said this morning that, unless there is information he is unaware of, he is led to believe this is a situation where some late player evaluation led to telling Swenson he was not going to be a factor / was not wanted. Similar to Dele Harding but with unfortunate timing.

Big Boutros

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That is a solid dude. Very impressed with him.

The good news is that Northwestern is after him hard and it's a terrific school with a solid B1G football program.

Sucks that it didn't work out.


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Ugh, this kid's life is over. Rather than riding the bench at Michigan and playing for a staff that doesn't think he can compete, he's going to go to Northwestern to play for a staff that wants him. Poor guy, Jim Harbaugh completely fucked him up. And to think, he'll have to settle for a degree from NORTHWESTERN!!!!!



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Victor Valiant

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I honestly don't care if it sits well with him or anyone else for that matter. We supported Harbaugh's hiring, we supported his coaching tactics, recruiting so far, etc...and we will all continue to support him as long as he wins big and doesn't get into trouble with the NCAA. Space Coyote and anyone else that's upset about this will be celebrating as hard as everyone else if/when Harbaugh brings home B1G/National Championships. Swenson seems like a great kid but nobody on this board will even remember his name in a couple years.


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That he De Committed! This situation has a very familiar feeling to me, as someone who knows recruits and families etc: looks a lot like the Viramontes situation. I know what happened w Vic regardless of what any reporter says etc: can't say I know what happened to Swenson though

Kinda strange.