Erik Swenson commits to Oklahoma

Submitted by Jehu the Damaja on January 30th, 2016 at 10:06 PM
Erik Swenson has committed to Oklahoma per his twitter.



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We don't seem to mind when the media is busting on Meyer or Saban, do we? This is big boy college football and if you're offended by the coverage then you better grow some thicker skin. If you wanna win like big dogs, you gotta take your lumps like the big dogs too.


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what really pisses me off is that a good part of our fandom, including influential people here, help in the burning down of our program. they don't realize the precarious position were in...Ohio has been shut out for awhile and sparty is now taking the.OSU leftovers.... OSU and msu both collude to erase us....its two vs one and we've been losing. then we have clowns here who help that cause. F off to those of you...seriously. give your fucking coach the benefit of the doubt next time.


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don't think Harbaugh's recruiting "footprint" is really based on being shut out regionally. I think he is recruiting the East Coast, California, and down south because he believes the talent to be comparably better. I don't think Harbaugh has any interest in making Michigan a "power" in the Lloyd Carr sense, I think he wants to build a POWER in the Bama sense.


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and not knowing you, I think board members can rest assured I am not siding with you for any other reason than I feel you are absolutely correct.

Jim's competitive nature is too intense to coach in any other fashion than to eventually lead a team as feared as any in cfb. That is just who he is. He is also blessed with a knowledge of the game and an ability to coach it matched by only a few in today's game.

But damn, people, there are a few things you will have to accept about this man as a coach and why he has been successful and will continue to do so. Lack of intergrity or worrrying about our coach going to any length to win a football game is not something you will have to worry about. He simply isn't made that way. Hell, fair play is one of the reasons he is among the best. He hates to even be penalized if it includes the words "unsportsmanlike conduct." He is going to whip your ass. That is his full intention, but he is going to do so by collecting a bunch of coaches and players who are fully aware of what is necessary to do this. 

Every recuit Jim offers will know full well he has a staff second to none, and there will be a member of that staff whose job and total concentration is perfecting the art of teaching every individual position, all with one common goal, fielding a collection of players that are absoultely among the best in the nation. Not every player in America, no matter how talented, will qualify to be coached by Harbaugh and staff. Not everyone is willing to do what he has determined is the absolute best way to achieve desired results. More than a few will not be willing to accept all that he expects. This is understandable, and it is what separates some very good players from being the very best. And, as always, there will be a few who opt to be coached by those few just as good as Jim and with a full understanding of what is right.

No one who has watched the man work can doubt his abilities. All one had to do was look at the qb that he saw something in from IA and over the course of one season was able tp have him produce at a level as high as anyone in the game. Every fan saw the problems with our runnning game this season. They then saw the results of constant teaching by Drevno and being allowed a block of time during bowl practices that resulted in them carving up a defense considered to be among the best three in the nation.  And all season, they watched a defense, prior to suffering some injuries, were doing things today's defenses don't do. And after injuries, with some weaknesses exposed and a few teams recognizing these and taking advantage of same, put themselves in a position to beat us. In 2014, they probably would have beaten us as early as the 3rd quarter. Not this year. When you have a team that refuses to fold, they often times win. This becomes a habit and within a couple of seasons, adding integral parts along the way, you suddenly field a team that takes the field not even entertaining the possibility of a loss.

Hell, these are facts. We saw him do it at Stanford at this level, Stanford's continued success following his blueprint, and to be honest, the talent he will have here will be better. It would defy all logic, go against everything he believes, everything he has learned and better than anyone, he understands the unacceptable ramifications accompanying even a consideration of the contradiction on his part of all that he demands from his players.

I have never coached at a level above high school. However, that provided me an insight in what is absolutely necessary to foster an attitude of the type he is going to produce here. We saw some players recruited by the previous regime play as hard as possible and be rewarded. We saw some who did not accept what they perceived as unreasonable demands He places no unreasonable demands. He places demands that, when accepted, produce winners.

The only thing he can do with those recruited by the previous regime is attempt to instill his values and it is up to them to accept or reject. I saw four in this category that accepted his values and I saw four that prior to this season were not All BIG. I saw those four named AA in one season's time.

And if you believe they are not aware of what is expected of them or there is not a clear understanding that their offer is contingent on continued work, all of which they are made clear of, simply read some of the things written by the high school coaches of those he has offered. There is no misunderstanding.

Believe him or don't. To me it's not even  a question. I've seen the results play out on the field. If you wish to believe others, you owe it at least, to youself, to ask if they could have an alterior motive,  because without belief you might as well divorce yourself from the program. That is absolutely what I would do if I felt strongly his views conflicted with what I understand UM to represent.  And I will warn you against such action. You will be making a drastic mistake. You aren't just not asking questions. You are accepting unverified reports. Pretend for a second that you know Jim Harbaugh, that you understood Bo. Good. That should have been long enough.

Mr. Yost

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Jeez people...that's not the point.

Just because dumb fucks like Goldstein or whatever his name is took it too far doesn't mean Harbaugh wasn't to blame for anything.

I know it's sarcasm, but it's just silly when people justify any wrongdoing as it's okay just because it worked out in the end.

Slippery slope.

Mr. Yost

January 31st, 2016 at 10:21 AM ^

What don't you understand about "just because I said someone didn't do something, doesn't mean I said they did?"

Is that concept too difficult for you to grasp?

Besides, that wasn't the point of the post to begin really, you're 0 for 2.

You should probably sit this next one out.

Ann Arbor Cardinal

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so I'm guessing your point is that the way it's worded is confusing. Because it's quite clear that "doesn't mean he wasn't to blame" is not the same as "does mean he was to blame". Maybe another way to put it would be, "Just because some people's opinions went to extremes says nothing about how much Harbaugh is to blame. Perhaps Harbaugh is entirely blameworthy. Perhaps Harbaugh is entirely guileless. If the only thing we're considering are other people's extreme opinions, we can't make that determination."

That's what "doesn't mean he wasn't to blame" means in this context.

Hail Harbo

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So your example uses one negative to explain why the double negative is really just a single negative?  Logic much?

Didn't take long to find this.

Double negatives are two negative words used in the same sentence. Using two negatives turns the thought or sentence into a positive one.Double negatives are not encouraged in English because they are poor grammar and they can be confusing,


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Everything you said is speculation at best and, from other reports not equal to an irrational upset high schooler, is just flat out wrong. But if you want to toot that same overplayed horn in every thread about Swenson, be my guest. Have fun with your fake outrage


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did not get screwed over.  How can you say that when the school cannot even comment on it? Some reports say he went soft his senior season, he played not to get hurt.  You have to keep playing to get better.  Status quo is not good.  I think our coaching staff is a littler more connected than what you and MLive's Nick think.