Eric Thomas (motivational speaker) visits M

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You may have heard of ET The Hip Hop Preacher (FB Page) before. He's a highly demanded motivational speaker that travels across the country visiting various athletic teams, companies, and organizations, giving his unique brand of pep talk. Think Ray Lewis but more subtle, less dramatic, and more effective.

I've been a fb fan for a while. Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

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Great Session with U of M football!!! S/O to coach Hoke and coach Singletary for showing me love!!!


One of his speeches

The guy rules. I hope the team took something away from the talk. He's very, very good at what he does. Athletic teams all over the world and at every level (NBA, NFL) have this guy in high demand.



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I wasn't at the session, but I think we've had him speak at one of our offsites before, if I am not mistaken. His site - HERE - is pretty cool and the media gallery has some additional videos that folks might like. 


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First off, I think the team could use some motivation going forward this season. The guy also seems to be extremely popular. This might've been the only time they could get him in. Maybe he was in the area. Who cares? Hopefully the talk helped at least one guy on the team refocus or something. Couldn't hurt.


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I'm too cynical to get motivated by a person who has in his title "motivational".  I prefer "3 time Super Bowl Champion quarterback."

Hope it helped the kids, though.  And I don't begrudge anybody who can make a living inspring other people to make things happen.



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YES! ive been hoping he would visit Michigan.  I believe he is a state fan and has worked with MSU and U of M in the past.  But who cares  he is a great speaker and I think he will connect well with the athletes


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but he won't have any effect one way or another on the blocking—or lack thereof—of the offensive line. Improvement will come from talent, practice, and working together, not listening to speeches by somebody with no connection to Michigan football or the university.


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Have to think this isn't a coincidence. Although if he is so popular you'd think they would have had to get him a lot further in advance. The timing just seems perfect after two weeks that felt pretty rough for on field performance and focus potentially being part of the issue.


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You're totally right, ET is awesome.  I really like his talks.  But, if Tom Brady didn't motivate our guys enough I'm not sure what ET will do.  It's great that the coaches bring in al these people for our guys because it's a great experience for them.  But, I don't think our problem is motivation.  These kids are tyring hard and giving it their all.  Their problem is execution and experience.  It's like the old saying experience is a bad teacher because the test comes first and the lessons come afterwards. 


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Personally, I don't see the purpose of paying a guy a ton of money to come tell a good story. If it works for people, then more power to them. I could get just as "motivated" by watching an ESPN 30 for 30.


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I could see the point of hiring a permanent fixture to act as a counselor/mentor to athletes, but a one time motivational speech from a hired professional seems like it would have minimal impact. I guess if he changes one person's life, then it was worth the money. However, I would think that most student-athletes are self-motivated. I've just always been skeptical of professional motivational speakers. It's kind of like the people that sell books on how to get rich. If their system worked, they wouldn't be selling books and trading secrets.


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ET is an amazing speaker. Came in and talked with my team before and it was the greatest motivation one could receive in less then an hour. Despite the fact he is a sparty, the man and the message are second to none. Glad he was able to stop in.