Eric Nystrom on Spittin" Chiclets podcast

Submitted by mich_hockey_6 on September 14th, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Good interview with a former Michigan and NHL hockey player. He talks a little bit about living in Michigan and studying for his grad degree. 

The podcast is pretty good, if you're looking for a hockey pod. They're a bit east coast-centric, but since they added Paul Bissonette to the show, it's gotten a lot better and less bias. Plus, he's hilarious. Ryan Whitney is good too with a lot of great stories. The other personality is sports writer, Rear Admiral guy. Never heard about him before this podcast, but he's basically a Charlestown, Mass stereotype. Hard to understand sometimes and gags on Bruin cock. 

Not sure how to add a link, but if you already listen to podcasts, you know how to search. Just look up Spittin' Chiclets and it the most recent episode.