Engler fights to limit the scope of new sexual abuse legislation.

Submitted by Ramblin on March 15th, 2018 at 8:02 PM

Just when you thought the Fight'n Larry Nassars couldn't stoop any lower, the president of the university decides to fight against legislation designed to help victims of sexual abuse.

Then, when one of the victims criticises this, an MSU spokesperson replies with this little gem:  "I think it would be inappropriate for somebody to try to cast an opinion on something they know nothing about."

Rachel Denhollander was the victim he was referring to as "somebody."  Although this statement would be tone deaf if Denhollander was a lowly ditch digger/victim of sexual abuse, to add to the stupidity, Denhollander is a lawyer with a background in public policy.  

I have now seen it all.  I'm amazed that this isn't a larger story right now.  The government must have put some sort of a gag order on it?

This has to be the most brazen, shameless behavior I have ever seen from an institute of higher learning.  They are no longer even bothering to pretend that they give a shit about anything other than saving money/face.  They are actively attacking victims.



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"MSU's spokesman says I have no business expressing concern that MSU's president personally tried to kill legislation to protect children from abuse, because I am talking about something I know nothing about.  This is how MSU treats sexual assault survivors."

The Krusty Kra…

March 15th, 2018 at 8:08 PM ^

Made me want to fucking gag. He's just as big of a piece of shit now as he was when he was governor, only he now needs suits about 30% bigger because he's full of even more shit. Burn the whole school down

Chalky White

March 16th, 2018 at 8:15 AM ^

Annually on Mackinac Island, they have a conference for healthcare executives. Engler selected a few people to go over to the Governor's residence because he was there at the same time.

My dad was one of the people invited. My dad said he and some other CEOs sat on the porch. Engler sent one of his flunkies out to tell them they all had to be standing or he wasn't going to exit the house to receive the guests he invited to his house. Who the fuck does he think he is? I had forgotten how much of a narcissitic douchebag he was and obviously still is.


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Attorney John Manly echoed those thoughts.

"Watching Engler testify and lie that our team doesn’t want mediation or has been blocking it — we have been begging MSU for mediation for months. We have proposed mediators, dates and tried everything to get MSU to the table . He is not telling the truth but what else is new?"


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This is true, but I also do understand their point of view.  If there is retroactive SOL from the early 90s for victims, it creates a situation where there is no evidence (for both sides) and likely no record of incidents.  So you have a lot of people stuck in court arguing things they can't prove either way, and regardless of the outcome you are just spending money that most of the universities would rather use somewhere else. 

I'm not saying it's a compelling argument or one that should trump the rights of victims, but I can understand why exposing yourself to that much liability could have unintended and undesirable consequences.

East German Judge

March 15th, 2018 at 9:05 PM ^

....I understand that he does not want to touch the endowment and I understand full well that donors often have expressly denoted the intent of the endowments earnings and principal, however, if that fucking cow college had any brains, there would be langauge in the donor agreements that gave the school teh right to do what is in the best interests of the school in the case of certain unfathomable fuckups and general lack of reasonable care.


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MSU has also spent today denigrating Rachel Denhollander as knowing nothing about the legislative process (she was a legislative aide in a state Senate, though I'm not sure if it was her native Michigan or her current home state of Kentucky) or sexual assault (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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However, it's worth posting a million times.  Denhollander's response is classic...

"MSU's spokesman says I have no business expressing concern that MSU's president personally tried to kill legislation to protect children from abuse, because I am talking about something I know nothing about.  This is how MSU treats sexual assault survivors."

You Only Live Twice

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Following the closed door session today with the Governor and lawmakers, Engler bragged about how Snyder complimented the BOT for their intelligence in hiring Engler.   He might as well have come right out and said, "We circled them wagons tight!"

90% of what Engler is doing is trying to spin the narrative.  


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...need another "distraction" to "overcome". With daughters at home I become more incensed every time I think of the MSU admin and athletic department. Women have been relegated to "distraction" and "litter" status as MSU ignores and now blindly attacks the victims.

SF Wolverine

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this is supposed to be the guy they are bringing in to FIX stuff.  If you just read this quote, described the facts to a hundred people, 90 of them would assume this was the guy who got fired, and that this quote was the final straw that led to his firing.  Burn that place down, salt the earth, and start again fifty miles to the north.


March 16th, 2018 at 2:29 PM ^

They have no intention of fixing anything.  Their intent is to bury the story and figure out a way to keep the rape/molestation charges hidden better next time.  It really is that bad.  I don't know what else to say anymore.  Their plan is working.  Izzo, Dantonio, the scumbag in Izzo's basement...  They are all going to get away with it.  On top of that, nobody cares.

I'm waiting for the Sparty Cultists to just come out and say they were asking for it.  They shouldn't wear those skimpy outfits...  boys will be boys...  lots of sluts at MSU...  Go Green!  Go White!  Spartans Will!!!

This is just awful in so many ways.  Fuck Michigan State University.  I hope there will be a reckoning when these sick people arrive at heaven's gate. 


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Just as I hoped MSU would turn the corner under new leadership Engler pulls this nonsense. First off, as a father of two children, I don't think the SOL should even include sexual abuse of a minor. Secondly, an institution should place monetary concerns beneath the needs of the students.

I've defended MSU from the lies and half truths of that hack Lavigne, but I cant condone Engler's decision in this instance.


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more.  Engler is doing what he was hired to do, which is deflect and protect the BoT and the Athletic Dept.  Whatever spin anyone else puts on his appt is lying to everyone else and themselves.

Heck Baylor is back in the news with three more football players being suspended due to alleged sexual abuse

MSU is deflecting everything and not even trying to fix the problems they have and the media is allowing it.