Engler explains his decision to fight legislation

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So, apparently, he is suggesting that the tax payers and students will have to foot the bill, so the statute of limitations should be shorter.  Shorter SOL, less money...  anyone else see this?

The money needed for any settlements in lawsuits filed against Michigan State University by victims of Larry Nassar will likely come from students and Michigan taxpayers, MSU interim President John Engler said Thursday.

And the amount of money needed for those payouts will grow if the Michigan House of Representatives passes the same bills passed by the state Senate on Wednesday, Engler went on to say. 

So, I guess he is suggesting that he is looking out for the little guy?  



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It just goes to show that immediate user feedback can in fact fix a potential trainwreck, at least sometimes. At least the OP didn't double down as some have in the past, although those meltdowns always entertain on some level. 

Mr Miggle

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Doesn't mean it was true. He was hired because he has clout with politicians and knows how to talk to them. Saying that MSU would have to borrow money, draw down its endownment or cut back on spending wouldn't generate much sympathy. 


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I mean, Engler's job really isn't to open the school coffers to assault victims and say "take what you like."  I wouldn't expect him to, either.  His fiduciary responsibility is to the school.  He should be taking out the trash, and making all the changes necessary to prevent future occurrences, including removing anyone he has the power to, if needed.

But schools get money from taxpayers, students (or the government, via students) and donors.  And donor money isn't always fungible - it often has to be used for the specific purpose designated by the donor, and that might not be helpful in reducing taxpayer and student obligations since it might be something the school wasn't already paying for.  So, yeah, Engler's right - the taxpayer and student will pay.

Yes, the victims deserve compensation and will get it.  But Engler would have to be a complete idiot to encourage those awards to be as big as possible.


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MSU gets a yearly contribution from the state of Michigan. So does the University of Michigan. But there is ZERO reason why the state of Michigan should increase its contributions to MSU to cover the increased expenses from the civil suits. It's called moral hazard - MSU needs to suffer for what happened. If it means pulling money from their endowment to cover the civil suits and results in fewer scholarships - too damn bad.

Clarence Beeks

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“If it means pulling money from their endowment to cover the civil suits and results in fewer scholarships - too damn bad.”

That wouldn’t exactly be what you might call legal. At the end of the day, as a state public institution, it is the taxpayer who will be on the hook. There isn’t any way around that.


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That fact is a not a reasonable defense for his actions or the actions of the BOT.  This might cost the taxpayers money, even though we can all agree it shouldn't, so that justifies limiting the scope of compensation and who can be compensated.  What a horrible defense to his indefensible actions.

M go Bru

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need to be stripped of their pensions and incarserated. Anything short of that is unacceptable.

Their pension funds can be used to help pay for the damages. I know its not much, but its the principle that needs to be upheld. The people responsible need to be punished.

This is the only way Engler and the BOT can establish any real credibility going forward.

And the other 13 who were informed and did nothing also need to be fired.



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However, he was focusing on the statute of limitations.  I think he managed to move the limit from 1993 to 1997.  Then he justified his actions by pointing to a potential future bill coming due.

Nobody would care if it was MSU and rich donors that got to pay that bill, so he pointed out that the victims might be reaching into Joe Taxpayer's wallet.

So his argument is basically that anybody raped between 1993 and 1996 doesn't deserve justice because taxpayers will have to pay for said justice.  Or, put more simply, we have set it up so that the university is monetarily immune.  The victims deserve money, but the only way to get it is from students and tax payers.  Therefore, I'm going to "do the right thing" and work against the victims as much as possible.  You're welcome Joe Taxpayer/Voter.

Brilliant strategy in a way...  Disgusting and slimy, but brilliant nonetheless.




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Their school of medicine and their athletic department.

Both entities swim in money and neither are generally funded by taxpayers or students.

Full stop.


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They don't like that people are posting mean things on Facebook.  We should be nice and let them heal...  To an extent I agree.  There are a lot of good people at MSU.  The leadership is letting them down.  However, the answer, in my mind, isn't to clam up and be nice.  People are starting to downvote posts about this.  The bad guys are going to win.  It's really sad.

I wonder if the victims should still be allowed to express their oppinions on this mess?  Or is that mean and offensive?

Hope this link works.  Pretty much sums it up for me at this point.  I'm done ranting now.



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Well if this is the argument then let us extend the statute of limitation and also the criminal punishment for those involved. Without that it just seems like it is about money. Engler sounds like another political jerk and it shouldn't surprise me.