The end of "Ohio"?

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Okay, I'll be that guy...

Is this the end of "Ohio" and "Beat Ohio"?

I suspect not, at least from the football program officialdom.  They've drawn that line; I don't really expect them to back down. 

But for common usage among fans?  The ones that don't happen to be going to a Brady Hoke luncheon speech that day?  What will any fan-on-the-street be thinking, when saying "Beat Ohio!"  Will it be, "D'oh!  That first-round tourney loss to a 13-seed?"

Is this the trashtalk-equivalent of Appalachian State?  How long before Beilein and Brandon get a rematch with The Ohio University Bobcats?


Section 1

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Anyone got any other examples of Ohio St. calling themselves Ohio? Currently arguing with a ND fan about it. 

Oh, there are lots of those.  You can have lots of fun with our friends from Columbus on that one.  The scoreboards in Ohio Stadium used to say, "OHIO" and "VIS."

That was not a happy day!

There is the BDBITL:

Although the other side of the drum (or is it other drums?) have "State" on them.

There is a fine selection of t-shirts:

Including your choice for tomorrow, St. Patrick's day:

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...except that green is associated with St. Patrick's Day and that shirt is for sale at  But it's a shirt that could certainly do double duty in the state of Ohio.


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but if you can find any old radio broadcast you'll hear them refer to "Ohio" all the time. "The ball is on the Ohio 43 yard line, 2nd and 7...." Look for the Snow Bowl videos on youtube--I know there were examples on there. I haven't listened to their broadcasts much since the 70s but they were still doing it then....


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They'll probably bring it up over and over again leading up to the game, but after we beat 'em in the horseshoe, they'll have nothing to say.

Brown Bear

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What are they gonna bring up? How we beat them last year? I don't see how losing to Ohio university in basketball equates to Ohio fans being able to take shots at us and if they do who cares because it makes no sense.