End of game taunting incident

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Did anyone else hear what happened at the end of the game exactly?  I turned on the Hoke postgame interview via the radio and caught the tail end of the discussion.  Apparently they said Taylor Lewan was very pissed and upset. 



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The hit that knocked robinson out was bush league. If we ever beat OSU like this, I hope we see some of our players taken out of the game and hole chew then up in the locker room.


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play. I don't see how one play on a three man rush, equates to Lewan having a terrible day though. The reason the o-line looked overwhelmed most of the day is because of the blitzes and the fact that Borges was doing nothing from a playcalling standpoint to exploit  or combat them. Honestly, I really don't blame the players for what happened in this game, offensively. Borges and his playcalling put them in a bad spot. Most of the blame should be put squarely on Borges.


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Really?  You honestly don't blame the players?  And yes, Lewan and Schofield took a double team to a defensive lineman and he just split right through them for the sack (fourth quarter).

- Denard overthrew half his passes or was late.  Some was pressure, some were him just overthrowing the ball.
- The offensive line weren't picking up the linebackers well on blitzes and let their linemen dominate us.  No running game at all.
- Our defensive line was god awful, no push at all until the fourth quarter against a supposed horrible offensive line.  Ends consistently let the running backs outside
- Our linebacking corps was non-existent.
- Defense as a whole weren't tackling well and gave up the extra two or three yards by not finishing and letting them fall forward or not wrapping them up.  Gave up a touchdown instead of just a field goal by Floyd whiffing on a tackle.
- Our secondary weren't horrible, but they definitely weren't about 'average'.

So you really think that our players aren't to blame?  Borges shold be blamed for a lot, I never liked the hire to begin with and only one week I actually thought that he might be okay (Minnesota with lots of looks).  I think Mattison did fine, just the players didn't perform.


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sure if you watched the game, but MSU was blitzing almost every play. I don't even remember them bringing only 3 on any play.

Spartans actually sacked Denad with a 3 vs 5 rush.


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On a youtube video click "share", then click "embed" and copy the highlighted text, then open a comment window and click the line underneath that reads "Switch to plain text editor." Next, click inside the comment box and hit "Paste", a box should open indicating your video, click the box, then switch back to "rich text editor" and click "Save." I usually need to reload the page in order to see the clip after saving. For photos Copy and Paste seems to work


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To the winners go the spoils. Fine. If that's the way they wish to carry themselves, well, that's more of a damning statement about them than anything else.

BUT KNOW THIS.....Michigan State has an ass-whipping headed their way next season in Ann Arbor. That old lady named Karma is a real bitch, and a vindictive one at that.


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from being able to compete with MSU, Wisconsin, OSU and Nebraska. Hoke and his coaches know this. MSU is a better team. Being realistic encourages improvement.

I remain in my belief that Hoke and his staff would not have recruited DR. Though he is a fine football player he is not a big time QB. Good defenses (not great like LSU and Alabama) will corral him everytime.



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It is hard to criticize SpartyCoachDickhead about re-creating the rivalry.  This is similar to the way that Bo made the UM/OSU game such an incredible event every single year.

I think that it will be interesting to see how SpartyCoachWorstFuckingHumanBeingEver will recruit now that Hoke is killing it in-state as the Sparties don't have a national attraction.  If they die in Michigan, then they should be hyperventilating about having quality recruits.


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The only high profile recruits they got even during Rodriguez were die hard Sparty fans.  Last year I think Rod out recruited Dantonio in state.  Hoke is just flat out killing it in state, in Ohio, and other parts of the country.


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I sat first row to see the players walk in. TL was pissed yelling back at some State player who was taunting him. A trainer had to keep pushing Lewan back. Hoke was walking behind Lewan and saw it all happen. From what I saw I didn't see Hoke say anything to Lewan. Hoke actually entered the tunnel with D. Gardner talking to him


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actually the only correct response is to continue to look down on them.  Giving them respect they don't deserve is how you turn this into acceptable behavior. State is a joke in every way imaginable and they could beat us 15 times in a row and it would still be true. There are bigger things than winning a football game, but to state when playing us that isn't true, and thats why they will always be a joke.


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probally played the dirtiest game I have seen in a while. Late hits galore, a punch thrown and taunting. I would be pretty pissed to if my QB was injured on one of those late hits and the guy who punched me wasn't even thrown out of the game.

Even if UM had won I would be saying the same thing about MSU's dirty and classless play. It was a fucking embarrassing to the the Big Ten to have that on display. If Dantonio had any class he would have taken Gholston out of the game himself.


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Yeah, I thought the announcing crew handled it pretty well.  They're never going to say exactly what they feel in cases like this.   Spielman also said something like, "I'm not saying Gholston's a dirty player, but he looks like one when he does things like that." 

Bobby Digital

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I've come to expect nothing but class and integrity from everyone in that program and their fans. They in no way have a crippling inferiority complext that 1,000 straight wins will never cure.