Embrace your history: Calling Trey Burke. M hasn't had an All American in basketball since 1994

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Last M All American in basketball was Jalen Rose in '94, prior to this AA's were fairly common in Bball in the '60's, '70's and '80'sand early '90's. I think Trey Burke has an excellent chance to break the drought and if THJ continues to play like the second coming of Michael Cooper, M may get two.

First M basketball AA was Ricky Doyle from the vaunted '26 squad:

Richard Doyle


Just so happens M is recruiting a HS AA by the name of Ricky Doyle in the class of '14

Ricky Doyle

My favorite M hoops AA's are Ricky Green and Phil Hubbard from the great teams of the mid '70's

Ricky Green

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the greatest of all M's AA: The legendary  Cazzie Russell

Cazzie Russell

Here is a list of M's AA's courtesy of Bentley Historical Library:

Michigan All-Americans
Player Position Year
Richard Doyle center 1926
Bennie Oosterbaan forward 1927 1928
Ernest McCoy guard/center 1929
John Townsend forward 1938
Bill Buntin center 1964, 1965
Cazzie Russell guard 1964, 1965#, 1966#
Rudy Tomjanovich forward 1970
Henry Wilmore guard 1971, 1972
Campy Russell forward 1974
C.J. Kupec forward 1975
Phil Hubbard center 1977
Mike McGee forward 1981
Eric Turner guard 1983
Rickey Green guard 1977#
Gary Grant guard 1988#
Roy Tarpley center 1985
Glen Rice forward 1989
Rumeal Robinson guard 1990
Chris Webber* forward 1993#
Jalen Rose guard 1994
Juwan Howard forward 1993



Blue boy johnson

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I think Ernie McCoy, AA Guard and Center in '29 may have been Magic Johnson's role model. Figures M hoops was way ahead of the curve.

University of Michigan Basketball

Ernie McCoy

1929,   Guard/Center

Ernie McCoy


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I appreciate the history lesson!

Remember after Morris left and we were all freaking out about who would play PG and what it would mean to our programs ascent... that was silly...


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All five of the Wolverines' retired numbers are players on this list, I believe, and of course, among them one Naismith Award winner (Russell), one NCAA Basketball Tournament Outstanding Player award (Rice) and two BIg Ten Freshman Of The Year honors (Grant and Webber).

Burke has already added himself to the last list there (Freshman Of The Year last year), and it would be awesome to add him to the list of Wolverine All-American selections too.