Elysee Mbem-Bosse disturbing tweets

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Mbem-Bosse appeared to have lost his mind on Twitter last night and started posting some pretty crazy things that have now since been deleted. Does anyone know what they were referring to? I've only been able to find the following tweets but supposedly there were quite a few before this that were pointed directly at Michigan. Anyone know what's going on?

Edit: thanks to a poster below I was able to find them all. They are more disturbing than I thought. They are directed at Harbaugh and seem to be Threats of gun violence.







Edit 2: looks like the police are investigating




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Read on Twitter that he threatened Harbaugh as well, not sure what started all this but he has to realize that other coaches will see this too, and this may hurt his transfer opportunities.


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Reading between the lines, it sounds like he was suspended for a team rule concerning guns, he didn't think that was fair since state law is open carry and he wasn't breaking any laws. Then he went on a Twitter rant that included veiled threats towards the coach, which will most likely not improve the situation.


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what caused all this, but not a smart move on his part. Posting stuff on social media is there forever and can be used against him especially when he is threating people. Some can probably be chalked up to being young, but it won't help him if this gets worse.

Those are some pretty disturbing threats though, kind of stuff that makes me think this kid needs some help.


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Let’s relax. Young upset guy going off. There are worse things in life to worry about don’t you think? Probably a frustration stage or something of moving on.

I Like Burgers

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I wouldn't say calling your coach a fucking clown, threatening to call the morgue the next time someone comes over, and suggesting we don't want to have a murder on our hands is exactly just a young guy going off.

There's the doghouse, and there's wherever the hell EMB is getting sent to.  If he's even going to be part of the program anymore, which after reading those seems highly unlikely.

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I didn’t read it as a threat to the coaches/Staff but I could definitely see how people are taking it that way. I took it as someone was threatening him/his family and he was protecting them, and now he’s suspended and pissed at the threatener not the staff, but idk. Pure speculation in my part

Couzen Rick's

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I was watching an NFL show once and Herm Edwards was giving advice to young players on how to handle social media beefs. His advice was don't hit send - type up the response as a form of catharsis/release, then let it sit for a minute, then once your emotions settle, delete and don't hit send. I thought that was profound and have used it myself, and have seen many situations with regular people where that could've helped. I know nothing of what's going on here, but it seems it may apply here as well.


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Semester long engineering group project in undergrad had four of us assign major roles throughout a design process.  One member, whose primary job was to put together the final report, disappeared a week before it was due.  No communication of any sort.  He just disappeared.  The rest of us were incensed.  We put together a group email threatening to have his grade crushed for bailing on us last second and putting us all in jeopardy.  This thing was scathing.  Anyway, we decided to hold off on sending it, finished the report, and submitted it.  Two weeks later, we get an email from him letting us know that his mother had died unexpectedly (car accident) and he had flown home to for the funeral and to be with family.