Elite 11 Shane Morris Observations

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I attended the Elite 11 event in Columbus and thought I'd share some of my thoughts. Let it be known that I have no real experience beside watching football and my opinion means absolutely nothing.

I spent most of my time stalking Shane Morris. Gunner Kiel and Zeke Pike were also in his group of 20 or so QB's so I could compare the three of them somewhat. I guess I'll sort this by player.


Gunner Kiel:

The most impressive quarterback to me. He's a big kid, tall and has some muscle. His arm wasn't the strongest, but he was probably the most accurate. He showed good touch on the long ball and he hit his receivers very well. To me, he had the best day.

Shane Morris:

Also impressive, although less so than Gunner. He's also a big kid in terms of height, but he is pretty lanky and has some filling out to do. He has a VERY strong arm, second in his group and better than Gunner. His accuracy was a little off compared to Gunner and a few others and his balls began to wobble a little as the day wore on. I even ended up with a few of his passes in my hands as he missed on a few outroutes. He is very smooth in his throwing motion. Very good day, especially as a sophomore. 

Zeke Pike:

Good day, but not as good as the other two  in this post. He's bigger than the other two, both taller and thicker. He has a good arm, but was the weakest among the three in terms of accuracy. I was more focussed on Gunner and Shane so my impression might be incomplete. He was one of the better ones in his group (behind Gunner and Shane) and it was kind of fun listeneing to his father yell "Zeke!" after every throw and give him little tips.

Overall, all three were impressive. Kiel looked the best among the three, but you have to take into account that he's a year older than Shane. I don't know much about footwork so I can't really judge that, but no one had any obvious issues. I liked what I saw from Shane and I think the future is bright. 

Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to answer them. I shot a little video on my phone, but it may not be of use unless you like struggling to make out players from 30 yards away.



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In your opinion-

Do you think Shane's accuracy was his weakest part or were there other spots that stuck out to you?

I'm really pumped for his commitment, especially since he's a sophomore.


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I can't start my own thread. Just saw this on the Freep.

It is one of the the ideas being thrown around for the ND game.

Back on topic: I'm relieved that we won't have to worry about having a good QB in the stable. With Denard, DG, possibly Keil, and then Morris, it really is nice to see a position locked up by great recruits for a few years out so we can focus on other positions.


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Having a strong arm and already competing with elite 5* juniors is very promising.  Much better than I would of thought he would be at his age.

A gun with two years to improve his accuracy...yes please.


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The Elite 11 at Ohio State featured many top quarterbacks from around the country. Here are our choices as the top performers from the day.

Allen Trieu
1. Gunner Kiel - Columbus East (IN) '12
2. Shane Morris - Warren DeLaSalle (MI) '13
3. James Knapke - Ft. Wayne Bishop Luers (IN) '12
4. Collin Michael - Lexington (OH) '12
5. Dalton Demos - CBC (MO) '12
6. Jameis Winston - Hueytown (AL) '12
7. Matt Alviti - Maine South (IL) '13

Bill Greene
1. Gunner Kiel - Columbus East (IN) '12
2. Shane Morris - Warren DeLaSalle (MI) '13
3. Collin Michael - Lexington (OH) '12
4. Dalton Demos - CBC (MO) '12
5. James Knapke - Ft. Wayne Bishop Luers (IN) '12
6. Kyle Kempt - Massillon Washington (OH) '13
7. Mason Schreck - Medina (OH) '12


Dave Berk
1. Gunner Kiel - Columbus East (IN) '12
2. James Knapke - Ft. Wayne Bishop Luers (IN) '12
3. Shane Morris - Warren DeLaSalle (MI) '13
4. Dalton Demos - CBC (MO) '12
5. Jameis Winston - Hueytown (AL) '12
6. Collin Michael - Lexington (OH) '12
7. Austin Ernst - McNicholas (OH) '12


Most Consistent: Gunner Kiel
Strongest Arm: Shane Morris
Most Accurate: James Knapke
Best on Move: Jameis Winston
Freshman to Watch: Chandler Kincade
Best With No Offers: Dalton Demos


Not behind a paywall so I think its okay for me to copy/paste...




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No this is from the entire camp. Consensus, which has been echoed here is that Kiel was the best but Morris was right behind him and not very far off. Tremendous performance for a kid who still has 2 years of HS.

Knock on Morris right now which the OP talked about is consistency, but he won't be on campus for another 2 years so plenty of time to work on that.

Nosce Te Ipsum

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From what I've heard Morris was a close 2nd behind Kiel and not by that much. That is exciting since he is a year younger. Also, Zeke Pike is outrageously overrated. Heard he should be ranked a low 4 or high 3 star with the performance he had.


Btw, Wayne Morgan looks to be the silent commit. That would give us the #3 and #4 corners according to 247Sports. 


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Wow, great job by Shane surpassing many of the senior QBs. This kid will keep developing through his senior year.  I can't wait to see him competing for  the starting QB here in 2 years!


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thanks for the update...Zeke sounds like another robo QB disaster in the making based on this and the ref ball throwing incident... glad he is not coming to our program


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Sounds like Zeke Pike has a "helicopter dad."  It can't be fun to be the kid who is getting singled out and micromanaged while everyone else is just out there "doing it."  Maybe that Auburn commitment is a pretty good decision for Pike.

Number 7

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Is shane's commitment effectively dependent upon is not recruiting an elite qb this year? In other words, if kiel is so inclined and commits, would we likely lose morris? And might that be an adverse tradeoff?


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He was told by Hoke that they would continue to recruit a QB because they never want to have a Drew Henson scenario.  Morris said he was fine with that.  Remember, Morris wants to be Tom Brady; I'm sure he's prepared for some competition.


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from what I have read, Hoke and Co. advised Morris about taking a QB in this class...  Morris understands that and has no issue with it.  IMO, with Morris already committed it may scare off top level QB's for this class. 


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EAZY rider!  RELAX- Gunner Keil has a big decesion and is on the cusp of an NFL career.  If you had a decesion like this with Bob Stoops and OU in your ear you might take some time considering. 

Nobody should or can infer that Keil is scared of anything.  For Hoke to even have this kids ear without ever having coached a down at Michigan just shows that Hoke feces is even more powerful then the snake-oil.

We are in a tremendous position to possibly land a 4* or even BEST QB in this class but even better yet to have Morris in hand is just beautiful....enjoy it.


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that he doesn't want to come only because of the player coming in a year after you, then he won't succeed in the next level with that kind of attitude. The best players are the one who don't care about who's in front of them or behind them as long as they believe that they are the best player.


I would understand QB not wanting to come when a team already has a stud QB on the team or coming in a year ahead of him but a QB coming a year after you just makes me shake my head.  Morris attitude toward Michigan taking a QB for '12 class does not bother him is very encouraging.

Booyah Brady

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Here is a link to the 24/7 article about the Elite 11


Shane Morris, Warren (Mich.) De La Salle Regardless of class, Morris may have shown the biggest arm at the entire event on Friday. The Michigan commit got the ball where it needed to be in a hurry and he doesn’t have to really reach back to put extra velocity on the football. A lefty, Morris has a nice delivery, confidence and is much more than just a big arm. In Morris, Michigan has a fantastic foundation for its 2013 class.