Elite 11 Finals on ESPN right now

Submitted by Son of Lloyd Brady on August 7th, 2012 at 7:08 PM

Even though we already know the results, I thought some may be interested in checking out our future QB. By the way, Shane is rocking a UM hat in the opening scene, I would expect no less.



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Even if you aired it shortly after it was over, you'd still have the same problem you highlighted. And I don't think a ton of people would watch a few hours of live coverage for five straight days or however long it is. The documentary style is probably the best option for this.


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Seeing Dilfer put Shane under that "test," you have to think that he knew Shane was the best quarterback there. He wanted to put the most pressure and focus on him...even commended him for making the big throw under the spotlight on the last throw of the day.

Vamoz Azul

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Dilfer either knew Shane was the best, or he/ESPN needed a scape goat for tv.  He wins the jersey on the first day.  Then is left out of the top 11, but a kid who couldnt even throw makes it.  I know Ferguson is decent, but if you cant throw, how can the really judge you.  A lot of QBs and Golfers have great mechanics while warming up, but it is where the ball goes that matters.


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How seriously should we take any competition between High School QB's? Is Shane making the Elite 11 cut going to help him make a better throw against OSU? Sometimes this blog get's too wrappred up in recruiting. Threads discussing the performance/results of 7 on 7, a giant freak out because Shane wasn't declard Elite 11. None of that stuff matters once he steps foot on campus, yet people are treating it like a great dishonor to Michigan, like Fulmer snubbing us in the Coaches poll


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Shane won the accuracy on day two, passed Dilfers special test and wasn't even mentioned after the day two rankings. Shane was saying how he thinks he should be ranked up there when he was interviewed, so the TV broadcast seems to be painting the story that Shane has an entitlement attitude. And the fact that Dilfer made the special test for Shane confirms what Dilfer is thinking.

Based on that, this seems like Dilfers ways of teaching a lesson, and to be honest, being named to the elite 11 won't win you one game in college, but learning that lesson might light his fire and keep him hungry.

Also found it interesting that it was said woulard had the strongest arm, while Shane's arm strength wasn't even mentioned.


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isn't the objective toward evaluting QBs. It's how successul they are in NCAA and NFL level.  Dan Marino isn't a bust despite the fact that he never won a SB, but is probably the top 5 QB of all time for example.

From '99 to '05, I only counted 4(1 pending) who went on to have a successful career in the NFL.  Not sure if you count Mark Sanchez yet.  Jake Locker is one that is pending.   That's a huge amount of bust percentage.  There are QBs who are successful in the NCAA level like Vince Young, Tim Tebow but won't amount to anything as a QB.

If you are in Elite 11, you should be able to have a successful NCAA career which most haven't done it plus a successful NFL career which nearly none hasn't done it.


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99 - 5/11 had productive careers (Cassel not so much in college but in the pros he has)

00 - 6/11 had productive college careers

01 - 6/11 had productive college careers (Matt Guttierez may have had if not for injury and being blocked by Henne. Made NFL roster at one point)

02 - 4/11

03 - 4/10 (one kid didn't go to college, played baseball after high school instead)

04 - 4/11

05 - 8/11

06 - 5/11

07 - 8/11

Alot of TBDs from 08 and on

Very few QBs have successful NFL careers. It's a tough position for a reason. Heck, if they did an Elite 11 at every position, you'd have to consider the rankings a failure because a majority of kids don't go on to the NFL because there are less than 2000 active players in the NFL at a given time. I think having a productive college career is a better criterion  for evaluating these rankings. And they're not doing great, but they're not doing terrible. If having a successful NFL career is the only way to look at these rankings, then every rankings service is a failure.


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'99: 0/11

'00: 5/11

'01: 4/11

'02: 3/11

'03: 1/11

'04: 2/11

'05: 5/11

'06: 2/11

'07: 4/11

These are all based on NCAA career.   That's less than 40% like the poster claimed.  Based on NFL career from '99 to '05, only 4 of them have success in the NFL level.  That's 4 out 66 which is a terrible percentage.

ESPN Elite 11 does a terrible job of evaluating QBs.  Simple as that.