Elite 11 Finals

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The Elite 11 Finals took place this past weekend in California with 25 finalists competing for 12 spots at Nike's The Opening in Oregon.  2018 QB Tyler Shough earned one of the twelve spots.  Unfortunately, Joe Milton missed the cut.

The rest of the group consists of:

Trevor Lawrence - Clemson

Justin Fields - Penn State

Tanner McKee - Mormon Mission (LINK)

Jack Tuttle - Utah

Devin Leary - NC State

Cammon Cooper - Washington State

Quincy Patterson - Virginia Tech

Jarren Williams - Kentucky

Matt Corral - USC

Justin Rogers - Undecided



The 2017 @Elite11 class is set! pic.twitter.com/TL6coHFrx9

— Bleacher Report CFB (@BR_CFB) June 5, 2017



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Most of the reports I read said that Emory Jones was the top performer on Day 1, but came out in Day 2 and 3 looking progessively tired and inaccurate.

Part of it might be due Jones' injury (AC joint separation) that cost him his junior season of football, and not quite being 100%/in football shape yet.


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Let me guess, his name is Cameron but he has an adorable younger sibling who couldn't pronounce "Cameron" as a young child, so now everybody calls him Cammon.


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Shough is good. Anyone who thinks Milton would be the automatic heir apparent to the QB throne may be a little too quick to judgement. Of course, that's assuming that Shough ends up in the class.


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Yes. It's about two miles from my house. Went last year on Saturday for a bit then two hours yesterday.

I guess on Saturday there were a few college QB "counselors" there including Rosen and that PSU arm punter. Last year USC's WR corp including JuJu Smith were there running routes. Yesterday just a bunch of HS receivers it seemed.


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Want to know who else competed at Elite 11 but wasn't given Elite 11 status? Guys like:

Sam Bradford
Colin Kaepernick
Andy Dalton
Cam Newton
Kellen Moore
Kirk Cousins
Blake Bortles


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Some comments from SB Nation, 247 and Bleacher Report on both Milton and Shough.

Joe Milton - SB Nation Comments

Day One

Michigan QB Joe Milton has the strongest arm at the event. It's one of the biggest I've seen in covering this event since 2012. The next step for him is shortening his delivery, and dialing up the appropriate amount of touch and speed on each throw. Not every pitch is a fastball. Not dropping the ball so low will allow him to become more consistent.

Day Two

Michigan commit Joe Milton has the strongest arm at the event. He had a couple nice throws today. He had some slight issues with touch and accuracy, as expected, since he's continuing to revise his technique.

Day Three

Michigan commit Joe Milton team scored a touchdown on two of his four drives, and he was 10-of-18. He only completed two passes that were over 10 yards in the air, but he certainly finished better than how he started.

Joe Milton - 247 Comments

Day One

Michigan commit Joe Milton struggles with his drops. Great arm talent though. Milton might be fighting Emory for top 2 early on. Michigan commit Milton throwing with great velocity.

247 ranked Milton #8 after the first day. Michigan commit Joe Milton can drive the ball down the field with the best of them in this camp, and he came out on firing darts all over the field. The 6-foot-5, 220-pound prospect did struggle with his drops, but there is no denying his elite arm talent.

Day Two

Joe Milton hits a nice corner route. Milton up and down round early. Milton on drills cover 2 hole shot to excite the coaches. Accurate on intermediate throws. Rip post.

Day Three

Joe Milton next HS QB up. 1 of 6 to start. Pair of drops from his WR. Milton final line: 8 of 16 for 2 TD.

Joe Milton - Bleacher Report Comments

Joe Milton worked some great eye discipline. The key for him is to bounce back from a tough throw & not let it impact his next 2 throws. Joe Milton's task is cleaning it up. Got a mega arm & is a good athlete but he's got to focus on staying clean so it all happens together.

Tyler Shough - SB Nation Comments

Day One

This was my first time seeing Arizona QB Tyler Shough in person, and he looked good. Shough is 6'5 with room to add probably 20 pounds in a college strength program. He has easy velocity and a clean stroke. Michigan, North Carolina are among his top offers. Tyler Shough from Arizona is the real deal. Tall but stays compact.

Day Two

SB Nation's top group from Day one: Devin Leary, Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Carter Bradley, Trevor Lawrence, Tyler McKee, Matt Corral, Emory Jones, Justin Rogers, Quincy Patterson, Justin Fields, Tyler Shough, Jarren Williams, Blake Stenstrom, Joey Gatewood, Jack Tuttle, and Jacob Sirmon.

Tyler Shough found the right guy to throw to generally, but sometimes he was late in doing so. Overall, he threw some nice passes, but he wasn't as good as he was yesterday.

Tyler Shough - 247 Comments

Day One

Shough has been solid. I wouldn't have him the mix for top 11 yet. Shough was probably in that group that would rank around 12-15 as well. It's not that he performed poorly, just didn't jump out like others.

Day Two

Tyler Shough solid early. Has been accurate with his throws. Jack West and Shough are on the cusp of 11, depending on what others behind them do.

Day Three

Tyler Shough has started well. 2 early TDs. 4 TD for Shough. Shough going off. 5th TD. Shough 14 of 19 for 5 TD and 2 INT.

Tyler Shough - Bleacher Report  Comments

Tyler Shough: threw some deep ball dimes that were beautiful. Smooth when he trusts, has to keep trusting what he sees to avoid pump resets.

Tyler Shough: good arm & accuracy but what was great was his eye discipline, not cheating the drill to make sure he saw & got thru each progression.

Elite 11 Rankings after Day Two:

1. Lawrence

2. Fields

3. McKee

4. Tuttle

5. Shough

6. Corral

7. Leary

8. DTR

9. Rogers

10. Williams

11. Jones