Elite 11 Day 2

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RT @ScoutKennedy: "So the QBs are throwing 55 yards at a target,@S_Morris12 dropped back to the 35 and hit the End line, 75 yards"

Brian Stumpf ‏@BrianStumpfESPN

S/O to Shane Morris (@S_Morris12) - winner of the Day 2 Golden Gun Accuracy Challenge @Elite11 #GoBlue

Asiantii Woulard and Shane Morris showed a lot today @Elite11. Woulard battled thru groin to have great day and Shane passed Dilfer's test

Just a couple of tweets showing how it went.
I wonder what Dilfer's test was, though.



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Really glad his accuracy is coming along. We knew he had the big arm, but cobine that with accuracy, and his pocket presence/vision.... WATCH OUT.


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Shit-talk every QB in the NFL for mistakes you're not even good enough to make yourself. What a wanker. He also said Morris "needs to learn to tempo the ball." THAT IS NOT ENGLISH, DOUCHEFER.


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Brady Hoke and Nick Saban were both excellent football players, right?  That must be the only reason they became good football coaches.

Dilfer made it to the NFL, was a first round pick, and won the Super Bowl, regardless of whether you think he was talented or not.  

It takes a team to win a championship, and Dilfer was just as much a part of that team as anyone else.


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Your first paragraph is really all you needed. I don't remember Bill Belichick winning the Super Bowl as a player. Hell, Harbaugh was an average NFL QB but it looks like he's a pretty good coach. Why does Dilfer need to be a great QB to be a great QB coach?

Under your argument, Borges must be a God-awful QB coach, right?


July 19th, 2012 at 3:42 PM ^

He's an analyst. He has never coached a day in his life. If John Gruden were conducting these camps, I would be thrilled. Not because he was a great QB, but because he's made a lot of QBs play at their very best. If Trent Dilfer ever shows himself capable of developing the talent of a player, I'll stop bashing him. I await that day. For now, he's no better than Skip Bayless. It's an insult to Nick Saban and Brady Hoke to put Dilfer in their class.


July 19th, 2012 at 7:13 PM ^

Morepete, if i'm a high school QB, or a college QB for that matter, I might take the advice of a guy like Trent Dilfer. It's not like Trent is an Al Bundy who relives his days as a high school star and disappeared into obscurity, nor is he a guy who sits at his computer and picks apart the careers of people who make a living doing, and later analyzing, what armchair computer man only dreams he did.

Eat Your Wheatlies

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coach (v): to give instruction or advice

coach (n): a person who trains an athlete or team of athletes


Nowhere in either of those definitions does it say that a coach has to be paid. He's providing insight and instruction to the young men at the Elite 11 camp this week...pretty sure some of the guys that go through the camp under his instruction will turn into servicable NFL players...but you would probably suggest that it was due in no part to his guidance, right?


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Yeah, you're going a little overboard on the Dilfer hate here. If you don't like him as an ESPN analyst, that's fine. But that's not what does with Elite 11. Here he is a coach, and talent evaluator. You bringing up his playing career is irrelevant and sounds like you're just grasping at a reason to say you don't like him.

Fine, say you don't like him. You don't even need to say why. But to argue with people here about why you think Dilfer sucks is pretty asinine.


July 19th, 2012 at 4:18 PM ^

My anger is more at ESPN for making him an expert that commands respect, in spite of never coaching and being known toward the end of his career for refusing to mentor young QBs he backed up. Again, I would literally take any QB coach who has been paid to do the job over him. Given that his opinion will shape the rankings of all these young players, I think I have a right to be cynical about his role in Elite 11.


July 19th, 2012 at 5:26 PM ^

Why the angst?  The Elite 11 camp goes about 0.00000001% toward shaping the outcome of the games in the Fall, so really, why give such a big shit?  It's just a fluff event anyway.  It's one thing to get pissed at say, having to listen to Chris Berman use the same, tired "rumbling, bumbling, stumbling!  WHOOOP!  (3 Stooges shriek) WHOOOP!!" innane material week in and week out on ESPN's weekly NFL coverage, but Dilfer?   Yaawn.

Eat Your Wheatlies

July 19th, 2012 at 6:34 PM ^

How did you gather that I think all of Shane's accomplishments should be credited to Dilfer? I said that he will undoubtedly be coach players at this camp that turn into servicable NFL players. In no way did I state that Shane's success will be the result of Dilfer. My point was that he IS COACHING right now, at this clinic. Like it or not, youre way off base here, bro.


July 19th, 2012 at 7:41 PM ^

OK - that wasn't supposed to be a dig on Harbaugh, he had a solid career and a couple very good years.  My point was more that you don't have to be a hall of famer as a player to be a very good coach. 

Maybe an average starting QB?  Being a starter for that many years means you're above average already, but compared to the rest of the NFL starters while he played, he was probably middle third.


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Agreed.  The test is to watch that overgrown child make an ass of himself, screaming and jumping around a bunch of teenagers, while resisting the urge to chuck the ball straight at his dick.


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Based on this article from last year, I'm going to assume it was a memorize-a-playbook-despite-not-getting-nearly-enough-sleep type of test.

Combined with the Golden Gun award, it looks like young Mr. Morris is having a good day.


July 19th, 2012 at 3:35 PM ^

Shane reminds me of Kyle Boller right now. I remember when Kyle was coming out of high school, I thought he had everything. That same big arm, velocity, good head on his shoulders, and above average speed and technique. Kyle, obviously, didn't pan out in the NFL, but was still a very good college QB. Shane understands the game more at this point in his career, but the comparison is pretty fair at this juncture. This is not a negative comparison, and if people think that, they'll only see Kyle's NFL career.