Eleven Warriors take on Tresselgate

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Interesting take on the yesterdays announcement of the NOA that Ohio State recieved last Friday from the writers at elevenwarriors. While I am not surprised that the consensus opinion among buckeyes is in favor of Tressel I am surprised at the depths to which they will go to justify that McCheatypants love.

Every tragedy has a well-intentioned idiot, and this one is no different.  From the moment that Columbus attorney Christopher Cicero created a paper trail to Tatgate, Tressel had his work cut out for him.  While he had options and could have acted more covertly, it's now abundantly clear that Tressel tried to abort Tatgate before it gestated into Tatgate.  Immediately notifying the compliance department would have effectively birthed Tatgate last April.  While he failed in the noble endeavor to ultimately make it go away, he kept it obscured until the Feds finally shot their publicity ray at it.

You know how many other FBS coaches would have hoped or tried for this episode to erase itself rather than give a glimpse of it to their compliance departments?  All of them.  This isn't the cop out of "it happens everywhere."  This is the fundamental principle of risk mitigation that says if you think you can make trouble disappear rather than deal with its consequences, you make it disappear.

So basically the argument is that everyone would have done the same thing and we were simply unlucky enough to get caught. Hmmm.... sounds familiar. There is more about this article that is just so very wrong but try telling them that. Just thought it might give the mgoboard a good laugh.




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So the author is okay with cheating and lying, so far as you don't get caught. And he justifies it by saying "everyone else does it". How unethical can you be in one article?

And as for the whole 'spot light' thing, you're one of the biggest schools in the nation. Certainly one of the most reputable from a football standpoint. How can you not expect these sorts of consequences to come down on you? The 'we're Ohio State, we're in the spotlight, woe is me' excuse is the worst excuse in the history of excuses.

I get that the author is just trying to defend / rationalize what is going on within their fanbase, but come on. You can only defend / rationalize a criminal's actions so far. There comes a point where you have to just distance yourself from the nonsense.


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using "everybody  does it," but denying that such is his argument, and then continuing all the way to the bottom of the toilet with, "anyway, it was the prinicpled thing to do." It is utterly incredible that he would attempt to take the moral high ground with that kind of turning wrong to right.

A biblical phrase comes to mind: "Woe to those who call evil good, and good, evil." Well, woe to them (Buckeyes), whatever and whenever, and wherever.



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Contrast Tressel's action with RR's.  Going into the game, with his job performance squarely on the line, he suspends the only guy on the team who could punt.  Nobody else could kick it south if they were facing south.  Big impact on the outcome and one more nail in the coffin.

Say what you will about RR as a coach there was nothing wrong with his integrity.


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Been following Eleven Warriors off an on since the Tressel story broke and they are kind of living in the same fantasy realm as that of the OSU Athletic Department.  The self-imposed sanctions will be enough and the NCAA is not going to come down any harder on them and this will all go away.  Ramzy's posts have been much tougher on Tressel and a bit more realistic.


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I was wrong in my initial reaction to this mess.

At first, I thought it was no big deal. But as events unfolded, and the story became more fleshed-out, I became convinced that it's evidence of a lot bigger problem.

Tressel was caught knowingly putting ineligible players on the field. He lied about what happened to the NCAA. 

If the NCAA doesn't rule until the season is over, I would love to see our guys clobber his team in his last game. It would be a most fitting end to his career.