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Ramzy just put up an interesting piece on Hoke over at Eleven Warriors. He basically argues that the Hoke-led resurgance is good for The Game and that Buckeye fans shouldn't take pleasure in or hope for a repeat of the Rich Rod era. Not exactly an earth-shattering argument, I know, but interesting nonetheless. I generally enjoy reading Ramzy's perspective on The Game and Ohio State in general.

The comments are still pretty sparse, but I'm sure they'll fill up with plenty of Buckeye stereotype-reinforcing material in short order. Here's my favorite so far:

Beating AACC never gets old. Even during the Dick rod years it was fun. It was like watching the Keystone Cops play foozball. The "Ohio" thing is retarded on many levels and their troglodite fan base mimmicking it is retardeder. I hope John Simon wears Detards dreds on top of his helmet like a hat after skalping him this year. Flounder can have his one victory, I'm sure Urbz won't let him get another for some time.

That's three "retard" references, one penis reference, one "troglodite" [sic] reference, and one laughably contrived acronym, in case you're counting.



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When was this eating contest held?  You would think if the head football coaches from Michigan and Ohio St. had an eating contest, there would at least be a couple threads about it on this board.  For the life of me, I can't remember reading anything about the contest, but I am confident Mr. Hoke won.

Mr. Rager

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I honestly think trolling other schools' fan pages is moronic.  What are you going to see there that is going to make you happy?  I doubt anything.  You are either a masochist or a moron for going there.  The ONLY exception to this rule is after their team loses a huge game.  Think Sparty falling to Louisville or OSU losing to Kansas.  

I tend to keep my opinion of other fanbases based upon interactions with real humans.  Wisconsin fans are the biggest assholes.  Do not drive into Columbus with license plates from Michigan.  Do not feed the Michigan State students.  


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But I always can't help but feeling people are grading on a curve...especially when compared to the "Michigan article yesterday" he links.  It's like holding him to a 13 year old scale because of his inherent weaknesses. Because anytime someone links something over there I always get this feeling-


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Reading the replies to that post was very, very comical.  I cant get over how delusional those people are.  I dont even have a witty comment prepared for their studpidity.  Its just funny.


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Eleven Warriors is hands down the most literate and high-quality Ohio State blog on the internet.  Which.... yeah, I am in fact damning with faint praise.  It's a nice enough blog, but it's just not mgoblog, to the point where intriguing reads like the cited Hoke article are more the exception than the norm.  It's kinda like... anyone familiar with this deli from Columbus?


If you're not, it's a nice enough joint with perfectly acceptably good sandwiches but it's clearly aping the Zingerman's template and there are precisely zero foodies in all of foodie-dom that speak of Katzinger's in the same breath as Zingerman's.

(please, no Zingerman's-vs-Maize and Blue deli debates here)

I mean, this piece from 11W was just embarassing.  http://www.elevenwarriors.com/2012/04/michigan-men-speak  It was basically riffing on our sparsely attended Spring game and took potshots at Hoke and Denard.  That's fine, they're not supposed to like us.  And to be honest we've offered up ample fodder over the years - Toledo, The Horror, GERG, key plays, etc.  But the problem was that the article just wasn't funny.  11w has done at least some quality humor writing - like their imitation of Bleacher Report for April Fool's - but they're getting outclassed by Michigan blogs like MGo and the M-Zone when it comes to making fun of our football team and their no. 1 rival.  Sad showing, Ohio.


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Ramzy is still almost always worth reading though. He has his rants that are close to his heart just like Brian's, and so sometimes they get annoying, but for the most part he at least adds a credible and enjoyable OSU voice to the dialogue. I agree that the other post from 11W was incredibly dumb, and the guy admitted in the comments that he had written it on no sleep the night before. That's not exactly representative of Ramzy's work or the blog as a whole though. The thing I find annoying though is the large gap between the writers and the commentors. The writing can be top notch and the comments will still quickly spiral into "hurr durr blah" territory, so usually if I want to get their POV I read the articles and get out. I respect what they're doing though, I wouldn't be surprised if MGoBlog provided the framework for a lot of what they do, it's just Brian's voice is just nearly impossible to replicate of course.


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All Ohio boards are ridiculous to me. All you get is a bunch of lame fat jokes about Hoke wish is very childish. Then they discredit everything we do, like how they think their recruiting class as it stands right now is better than ours. That's why even though I won't do it, I like when Michigan fans post on their boards. It drives the bucknuts crazy.


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Also kind of fun to read their comments to yesterday's verbal commit from 2013 recruit Tracy Sprinkle... consensus 3-star/unrated DL.

"I didn't think he had a commitable offer, but I guess he did."

"This is kind of a bummer."


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as do all teams, but geez, it's not even a debate who's fanbase is generally classier--even among reasonable OSU fans. To hear some dude actually call our fans "troglodite," mispelling and all, is surreal.


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...when I read "troglodite" and imagine the following scene unfolding...

An OSU fan sitting at his/her computer reading blogs about their school when they see something that confuses them. After running to the closet to get the dictionary, thumbing through the pages, and finding the definition of the word, they immediately bust up laughing because they think it is so much fun to make fun of "that school up north."

Come on, no one can seriously believe that the OSU readers of that blog actually knew what the heck that dude was talking about...


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I've been over to 11 Warriors before and it's pretty good in terms of content.  Think, though, about the abuse one of us would take for a similar anti osu rant on these pages.  I'm not going to check, but I doubt if many called out our friend for being the retardedest. 

I'm pretty sure I couldn't make something like that mess up.  I'd enjoy a face to face with him so he could explain the varying "levels" upon which the "ohio" reference is "retarded". 

Wish I was back at AACC now.  Actually.... sitting outside at Blimpy's with a triple on pump with cheddar,  pickles, raw onions, jalepenos and brown mustard with a basket of fried mushrooms.


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Good article by Ramzy. Even though I always want Michigan to beat Ohio, it is better when the conflict is more even, and not lopsided. As much as I enjoyed Michigan beating Cooper, it meant more when Bo beat Woody.

As for the comments section, well, it always is going to a mixed bag, isn't it? Of course there are some stupid comments and stupid insults. But the reality is that you will find them here too. In fact, my only complaint about mgoblog is when the level of discourse starts to degenerate significantly. Which seems to be happening too often.


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but the message board content is atrocious.  Buckeye Planet is by far the best OSU message board.  A lot of long time UM fans there too.


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It's funny to watch them write off the 11 ESPN 150 recruits UM has......  Committed before the spring game and almost a year away. Yea that happened because Urban Meyer wasn't around.... Hmmmm okay. I wonder what excuse they will concoct when they are still losing to Michigan. Pretty amusing.


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I read the jokes and insults from the buckeye and Irish fans and I wonder how they ended up our rivals. How do they compete with us when they can barely spell and are so thoroughly deluded?


April 17th, 2012 at 5:27 PM ^

Let’s deconstruct this. You mentioned not only OSU fans, but ND fans. I’ll grant you OSU fans for the sake of argument, but let’s analyze your comments about ND fans. You question how they can compete with us when they can barely spell. In doing so you question their intelligence and delegitimize their status as fans. Now, many people regard ND as a better academic institution than Michigan. US News and World Report does, for instance. This seems inconsistent with your claim that ND fans can’t spell. So you are either unaware of ND’s academic prestige, or you were referring to some other group when you say “fans.” This group would have to be fans that aren’t formally associated with the University; the ND version of so-called Walmart Wolverines. “Walmart Wolverine” is regarded as a highly offensive term on this board, and suggests a degree of elitism that we as Michigan fans typically reject. Why is it that such ugly sentiments are inappropriate when others voice them, but fine when leveled against rivals? At least be consistent. I know this isn’t what you meant to say, but it is subtlety implied. For instance, I can imagine the following dialogue taking place regarding your comment:


Me: You’re questioning ND fans spelling ability? ND is a really good school!

You: Well, I meant the fans that didn’t actually go there.

Mgoblog: /collective head asplosion.


If I’m way off base, let me know. Not trying to accuse you of anything, it’s just that some people in this thread are taking the rivalry thing a bit too far.


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11W is the perfect example of why Ohio fans are a complete joke.  This guy thinks that Ohio was an overthrown bomb from beating Michigan last year... yeah maybe so, if you conveniently ignore the BLOWN TD by Fitz that was improperly reversed (even Mike Perrira from the NFL tweeted that it was a bad call to overturn it)... and a holding call after that in the end zone were the only things keeping Michigan from beating Ohio by 2 TDs.

In addition to that lame dig... Ohio idiots who are sensitive to Coach Hoke calling them Ohio... are completely myopic and mindless in their analysis.   First of all...Bo and Woody both routinely called OSU "Ohio" back in the day... and that was the era that Hoke grew up in.  Secondly they ignore the fact that Hoke simply uses the singlular "Ohio" as a point of emphasis and focus for his football team...and it is not an insult to Ohio State and was never intended by Hoke to be so.  Yes, maybe some Michigan fans (including myself lol) toss that out there to tweek oversensitve Ohio fans.... but Coach Hoke uses it out of tradition as well as a way to Motivate HIS team... a Singular focus on Ohio:  BEAT OHIO.  Nothing insulting about that Ohio people.

OT:  If you follow the news lately, you can see many weird and even horrific incidents coming out of the state of Ohio.  From the idiot leaving the bulldog pups in the suitcase to die, to the guy killing his wife and kids at Cracker Barrell, to the guy and his buddies who cut up and dismembered this girlfriend in the bathtub...to the crazy animal hoarder who killed himself and let his wild zoo animals roam free until they had to be put down too... the Craigslist fake employment killings a few months ago..etc etc etc.

Yeah those terrible type things happen all over the world, but seem to have an odd concentration in Ohio.  Way to go Ohio.  Stay classy.


April 17th, 2012 at 5:44 PM ^

Dude don't make a post running down OSU fans who got issues when you have the same issues. Please Michigan has no problems or murder? Maybe your sad obsession with Ohio has you looking for any reason to look for stuff on Ohio. Also Ohio State isn't everyone in Ohio's school to cheer for. Too many Michigan and OSU fans get too caught up in it being a war between the states. It is 2 rival schools spaz. You need more in your life if you are that hung up on Ohio.


April 17th, 2012 at 5:56 PM ^

While the way this guy chose to express himself was perhaps… less than artful, I find myself agreeing with him. Brady Hoke is from Ohio. A large portion of our recruits are from Ohio. Bo Schembechler was from Ohio. Many students at the University of Michigan are from Ohio. Hell, my father is from Ohio. Can we all just agree to refrain from commenting on the state itself? And don’t try to tell me you were just talking about the school. That whole “OT” thing was focused entirely on the state.



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Anyone else notice how one of the favorite meme of the 11w cretins is Denard's limitations as a passer? Sure, whatever,he has accuracy issues, but the mental picture I get is of U.S. soldiers hanging out after the battle of Little Big Horn saying 'hurr hurr, Sitting Bull's braves couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with their tomahawks, hurr hurr'




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I just think it's funny that they expect us to believe they don't like being called "ohio" because it's disrespectful to the MAC Ohio... mmmk ohio fans


April 17th, 2012 at 5:42 PM ^

Nothing like breathing the same air as these people. Driving on the same streets. Shopping at the same stores. It's like the scene in Shaun of the Dead where they pretend to be zombies in order to sneak through a crowd. Now imagine that every day. Forever.


April 17th, 2012 at 6:43 PM ^

I typically enjoy about 90% of a Ramzy post, but then he inevitably says something like this that just drives me crazy:


So my problem with "Ohio" is that it just isn't insulting enough. Hoke should have and could have done better than to create a bunch of doddering clones muttering Ohio at every opportunity, the same way Woody still has teenagers condescendingly saying That Team Up North from beyond the grave.

So while using the word "Ohio" to refer to OSU is not insulting (read: clever) enough, having a bunch of Lima kids saying "The Team Up North" is somehow the apex of commentary and ridicule?  I agree that referring to OSU as "Ohio" is never going to go down in the "burn" HOF* and certainly doesn't reach the level set by guys like Bo, Hayes, etc., it is at least as creative as defaming a school due to its geographical components relative to your campus. 

So if a reason you don't like Hoke is that you feel his tongue-in-cheek reference to a rival doesn't meet the arbitrary curve you grade it on, it makes the rest of your arguments harder to digest.

* A whole wing is dedicated to Steve Spurrier's "You can't spell 'Citrus' without UT" (referring to U Tennessee).


April 17th, 2012 at 9:33 PM ^

I had to stop and get gas in Lima one time.  Getting back on the freeway, I missed the entrance ramp and had to turn around.  I pulled in to this Trailer Park... and intended to back up and turn around but I found my car was soon surrounded by about 20 kids ranging from about age 8 to 15.  They all got behind my car and started yelling and some of them were throwing stones.  Since I could not back up, I proceeded forward in to the Trailer Park where I found another exit to get out of... the kids chased my car and were pelting it with stone.  Stay Classy Ohio.


April 17th, 2012 at 7:14 PM ^

Sucks so much. The difference between that board and this one is as wide as an ocean. I know we have fans that act the same way. But I thank most of you for not behaving that way...

Perkis-Size Me

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Well-written article, and I understand exactly where this guy is coming from. Michigan fans should want Ohio to be good year in and year out. Like this guy touched on, its no fun to beat the crap out of your rival when he can't even put up a fight. While I'm sure every Ohio fan enjoyed the shellacking Michigan received at the hands of Tressel during the Rich Rod era, in the back of their minds, I'm sure every one of them was wishing we would at least make the game competitive.

I hate Ohio, and I always will. But I want Top-5 matchups with them every year. I want both teams to be national title contenders coming down to the last week of the year. 

It sickens me to say this, but we need them as much as they need us.