Eleven Warriors: "(Jim) Bollman, the Greg Robinson of Offensive Coordinators for 2011"

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Classic and delicious stuff here: http://www.elevenwarriors.com/2011/10/the-joker-laughs-at-you#more

Bollman (let's refer to his offense 'Walrusball' going forward) has now produced two games where the Buckeyes failed to score more than seven points. He is on his way to becoming known nationally as the Greg Robinson of offensive coordinators for 2011. All he needs is a little stuffed Brutus to sick on JB Shugarts' neck every time he does what JB Shugarts always seems to do.



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sit through 3 years like we did.  Then they can start making smart-assed remarks like this. They think they know pain.  They know nothing of it, yet.

Space Coyote

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...ohhhhh, that's a stuffed animal walrus.  I thought with Holmgren being in Cleveland and the whole jobs in Cleveland/OSU thing that you meant Braxton was going to have Mike Holmregn shoved in his face.

/actually just wanted to say I saw Holmgren at Disney World

//then got image of him being shoved in someones face

///OSU fan - "Mike Holmgren head football coach 2012"

////Michigan fan - "No thanks"

/////end of ends.

Section 1

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"Can we re-instate 2010 and vacate 2011?"  lol.

These are the times that try fans' souls.  I gotta hand it to the 11W crew; they are pretty funny and pretty clever for the most part.  It's an excellent blog.  Some of the other OSU blogs are freak-shows.


TMS-Mr. Ace

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A good friend of mine walked on at tOSU and eventually became a scholarship O-lineman.  At his bachelor party I got to talk to a bunch of former O-lineman and every single one of them said Bollman was the worst O-line coach in the Big Ten.  They said that's why you rarely see the top recruits pan out from tOSU because they leave with the same skill set they came in with.  Nobody ever develops.  I imagine that translates to his OC skills as well.

And no, nobody pooped in a cooler...that I know of.


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OSU has a long way to go to suffer through anything close to what Michigan has had to endure from 2007-2010 (and who knows what could happen this year though it feels markedly different).  A few losses won't do much as far as kharmic justice, but I will take what I can get.  Let's not sell our misery short.  2011 OSU might wind up like 2005 Michigan, when we thought that 7-5 was rock bottom.  How wrong we were...


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.....regarding  what it was like to have the GERG run the defense. In  any event, are we now seeing the real Jim Bollman coaching the OC? If so, I like what I see. 


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First, he has to take over the HC job at a school that's had an average-to-decent-to occasionally-very-good record recently and uncork four of the worst years in that school's long football history, and then quote the "Little Engine That Could" at his final presser. THEN he can think of mounting a challenge to Robinson.

Sac Fly

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Two months ago they laughed at the hoke hire and said he would never be successful. Now those same fans on bucknuts are using brady hoke as an example of how fast an elite coaching staff can turn a program around, and why it is exactally what the next ohio coach will do.


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in preparation for Nov. 26.  They will be resigned to their fate.  It's our turn to soar and their turn to crash and burn.  There is justice in this world.  May the "GERG of O" continue to excel at sucking the life out of their offense.


October 4th, 2011 at 5:37 AM ^

this is an apt comparison in my eyes. they both won as coordinators early (Bollman helped in the 02 Championship as well as getting to the 06 Championship) and GERG won 2 Super Bowls with the Broncos and was also a decent coordinator at Texas. I think it does have some to do with having great talent around you. They didn't completely forget how to coach, but let's not mistake them for amazing coaches either.