EJ Levenberry names top 3

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Sam Webb posted a story that is now on the front page of ($)michigan.scout.com($) about 2013 highly rated LB EJ Levenberry (From VA) releasing his top 3.  According to scout he already sports offers from the likes of Oklahoma, LSU, and Florida; some pretty good schools to offer a player this early.  He visited last weekend and reportedly loved his visit, so we can assume that Michigan is in that group (EDIT: Confirmed by user dtod via hinting)

View a scouting report done by user "austinte" here.  A man presumed to be EJ's father joins in the commenting under the name "Bull Dog".  Good stuff here.

He even posed for this picture wearing a Michigan Uni while in AA:

Nice to see the coaches already hitting the recruiting trail so hard for the 2013 class.

EDIT: Question that arose in the thread about letting recruits wear jerseys.  According to Georgia's AD Greg McGarity: "it is against the rule for a recruit to try on or wear a game-day jersey outside of the locker room."  Meaning that it is okay only in the locker room, which it looks like this room is.  No violations to see here.


Judge Dredd

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That picture isn't in the Scout article, I saw it this morning on twitter though with this other one of him in the big house at midfield.

2013 Blue-chip LB E.J. Levenberry loved his visit to Michigan last week - Pics: -


Would you guys say he's our top LB recruit for next year?



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but isn't there an NCAA regulation against letting recruits wear jerseys while on a visit.

I think this is the third Michigan recruit who has had a photo pop of them wearing a maize and blue jersey during a visit this year.


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Found some info from a violation that Georgia had and updated the thread.  It's okay for recruits to wear a jersey in the locker room.  This looks like it could very well be a room attatched to the locker room and LTT's pic was taken in a bathroom probably off of the locker room.  I'm sure that everything checks out.

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So he released a top 3, but nobody knows what it is? Isn't that against the definition of "top 3?" or is it just behind the paywall and everyone's being all secretive about it because of that?

I feel like it's sort of a silly charade to keep hushed about this type of content, because he presumably released it publicly and it's not exactly insightful reporting. I understand the need to keep some content under wraps from behind the paywall, but a list of schools just doesn't strike me that way. I might be in the minority. I feel like something that can get leaked with a single sentence isn't worthy of a paywall anyway. Something that would take direct quotes and paragraphs to summarize (i.e. plagiarism) seems more worthy.


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I did an amateur scouting report for E.J. Levenberry back in late October/early November based off my observations of one of his games. At the time, I thought it was probably a longshot that we would ever be "in it" for him.

Now that both he and U-M are showing some mutual interest, I thought it might be useful to repost it here.


Take it for what it's worth.

Also, one of the posters ("Bull Dog")  claims, pretty credibly imo, that he is EJ's dad.  Interesting comments by him at the end although I think they were completely missed the first time around because he posted a few days after it went up.


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People shouldn't need to be reminded that people within the program as well as possible future recruits can and do come here.  If you are talking about one of the afore mentioned people, you need to be damn sure you know what you are talking about. 

I hope the Levenberrys become sold on the coaches and the program, rather than put off by a few people on the internet.


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I'll own up to the fact that his father called me out in that thread in the interest of owning my poorly worded response and in case he reads this post as well. I definitely would love to have EJ come here and light up Braxton Miller for a couple years.  My post back then was in response to another poster and I implied that I don't think the coaches would put up with parents like Henderson's, Newton's, Forcier's, etc. Basically I was saying our coaches are more concerned about the team than satisfying the weird needs of a crazy parent.  If I'd seen the response from EJ's dad before now I would have seen that is clearly not the case and apologized.  Of course every parent should have standards for their kids and have criteria for the school they choose.  I was responding to the suggestion that it might be less reasonable than that.  No disrespect intended.  If Levenberry joins the M fam I'll be the first one in line for his jersey at the MDen, cus lord knows I miss having some linebackers who can put the fear of God in a quarterback.


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Apparently the golden poop from Hoke and G Mattison's aura of tremendousness were enough to enable a visit from the Levenberry clan. I am glad that they looked past what they perceived as some negativity from elements of the fanbase to see AA. At the end of the day it seems that the internets might well influence recruits/family or their perception of a school (although I would caution them about looking at internet posters as 'typical' of a school's fanbase...let's face it, we are the 1%).

Ultimately, if EJ Levenberry wants a great education and to play elite college football in the best environment in the NCAA then he chooses Michigan. If he is looking for something else then he will find it.


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This seems like as good a thread as any to bring it up on.  I can't understand why some people (except for MSU and OSU posters in disguise) feel the need to insult 16-18 year-olds who may be choosing to play at Michigan, or may have just chosen to not play at Michigan.  And i'm not talking about "he needs to learn to block better" or "he's fast but not very strong."  That's (somewhat) constructive criticism, and few kids would be really upset by it.  They know their strengths and weaknesses very well, as certainly they've heard them on an almost daily basis.

But  to say negative things about a kid's character, in the absense of public incidents such as arrests/suspensions/expulsions/massive amounts of objectionable twitter content (and even that last point I'm leary of) is wrong.  And the same should be true about parents.  For the most part these are adults very inexperienced in speaking to media, and suddenly they are inundated with questions about the future of their son, because the recruiting media is rabid. I'm a rabid consumer, so I'm not without fault.  But to say "so-and-so parent is too demanding," without mountains of evidence, and not merely a couple of quotes here and there, is rude at best and slander at worst.

Hoke and company seem to be trying to build a good program around good kids.  I think it's safe to assume that if a kid has been offered a scholarship to Michigan, that they've passed any character tests that the staff has.  Same should be assumed about their parents.  And if something comes up, the staff has also proved that they are not afraid to withdraw offers.

Lastly, these kids are trying to make what will be one of the most important decisions, if not the single most important decision, of their lives.  And they're doing it in a fishbowl.  It serves no purpose to question their motives if they pick another school over Michigan, or even merely consider another school over MIchigan.  Maybe it's because they really hit it off with a position coach.  Maybe it's because their friend already goes there.  Maybe it's because their family really likes the other school.  Maybe they want to stay closer to home. Maybe they don't like home and want to go farther away.  Maybe it was a torrential downpout in AA on the day they visited, and it was beautiful weather when they visited somewhere else.  Maybe it's because, although Michigan has great academics, another school has a really good department in whatever the kid wants to study.  Point is, who knows?  And what does it really matter?  Wish them the best and move on.  Great kids will choose Michigan, and those who do will be champions.   But great kids will also choose other schools, and hopefully many of them will be champions also (albeit off the gridiron on weeks they play Michigan.)


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You make some good points, but I would also hope a parent woudn't make a decision based on a comment he read on a message board full of anonymous users.  How do parents know  that the people/person making the negative comment are even fans of the school?  Answer -- they don't.  


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From what I've read about Levenberry's game, I would have to believe that he or a player of his ilk would be a top priority in the 2013 class.

I either missed this thread or ignored it because it was midseason/I wasn't in 2013 mode yet. I feel like it provided a lot of insight about the kid. I thought his father provided interesting insight into what sort of expectations they have for EJ. Anyway, it was a very interesting read.

Bull Dog

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This is EJ's dad. I want to thank everyone for their kind words regarding my son.  Based on the comments that were posted on this blog previously I was not going to drive my son 8 hours to visit.

However, my son's athletic director and high school coach told me how impressed they were with Coach Jerry Montgomery and I really should talk with him.  Ultimately, that led to the 8 hour drive to visit such a great university.

I want each of you to know we would not drive 8 hours to see the university if my son was not seriously considering the University of Michigan.  Michigan, Florida State and Florida are his top 3 schools right now.

A month ago Oklahoma  and Tenness were in his top 3 but Brent Venables took the job at Clemson and Peter Sirmon took the job at Washington.  I can only tell you that the entire Michigan staff is a staff you all should support and be proud of.  The people in that football building is what got us to visit.

As a parent, I would feel very comfortable sending my son of to college under the leadership of Coach Hoke.  I would be confident that Coach Hoke would continue what I have started  as it relates to being a high character person. 

As you view the photo of my son you will notice that he has no tats, ear rings or dreads.  I noticed one blogger related EJ would probably have a future in front of the camera. 

Please know that we have had that conversation and his image is as important as obtaining his college degree.   Lavar Arrington is his mentor here in DC and Lavar is now a member of the media.  He is well aware of life after football and where the game can take you.

I made my son visit Michigan because of its academic reputation and the people in that football building.  Once he got there Coach Hoke, Coach Mattison and Coach Montgomery took care of the rest. 

Now, I can't guarantee EJ will choose Michigan but I do know he likes Michigan and the football family at Michigan and thus is STRONGLY considering Michigan. 

It is an honor for my son to have a football scholarship offer from such a fine academic university with such a rich football tradition. 

Furthermore, he is truly blessed to have the number of scholarship offers he has from the multiple universities.

This is all a blessing!


Eric Levenberry Sr.


January 30th, 2012 at 8:22 AM ^

Thank you Mr Levenberry.  Its an honor for us to have your son come and visit.  As you know very well, every fan base has some crazy individuals that we are not proud of.  I graduated from Michigan and it has opened many doors for me in business.  Academics are very important and football is not forever.  I am so glad that you recognize that and EJ is better for it.  Thank you for considering Michigan.


January 30th, 2012 at 9:56 AM ^

Again to echo what was already said, while our fan base is passionate, some are more so then others.  Based solely on his visit, and our coaching staff, it is all of our hope that you enjoy the process as much as possible and revel in the fact of how blessed you both are.  Obviously we would love a high character, hard working player such as your son to root for, but either way blessings to you both on where ever this leads you.