EJ Levenberry Jr. possible de-commitment

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Add another name into the bag. Per a couple tweets by Mike Farrell at Rivals, it sounds like LB EJ Levenberry Jr. wants to re-open his recruitment. I don't think he's officially de-committed from FSU, but it sounds like he is having second thoughts for sure and plans to visit Michigan. We had a good rapport with EJ during his recruitment, so I may be able to get to the bottom of what's going on.

Well this should be interesting....

edit - Here's the link to Rivals regarding the situation.


Right now I have to say my son made the right decision in choosing Jimbo
and FSU but that Michigan degree and Greg Mattison's relationship with 
my son are hard to resist.

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 Mike Farrell ‏@rivalsmike

And just like that #Michigan pulls out of the Levenberry race unless they lose a commit per levenberry's father



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Needing to add new prospects to the board down the road as we have no sure things at this point. Can't we continue to recruit him but make the offer non-commitable?


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He wanted FSU over Mich..I wouldnt give him shit.. He's wasting our time and we need to focus on LT and Green.. Also, his dad reminds me of a man that killed 5 hookers while at SMU


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Curious timing right after the BBQ. Maybe he saw how close all the '13 guys were? Does fsu have something similar or is it all hookers all the time?

Bo Nederlander

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Per Rivals:

TWITTER- FACEBOOK- AUBURN -- Quarterback Zeke Pike, who signed with the Tigers last winter as a three-star prospect, has been dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules.

The native of suburban Cincinnati was arrested on June 24 for public intoxication. That wasn't his first brush with trouble - Pike was suspended twice during his senior season at Dixie Heights (Ky.) High for disciplinary reasons.

"I'll be better because of all this," Pike told AuburnSports.com.

Pike, 19, was 4-of-8 for 42 yards in the A-Day game earlier this year. He enrolled in January and earned time with the first-team offense during spring practice when Clint Moseley went down with a shoulder problem.

Sophomore Kiehl Frazier and Moseley, now a junior, are expected to challenge for the starting job throughout fall camp. Auburn also has a true freshman, Jonathan Wallace, on scholarship at quarterback.

--Senior Recruiting Analyst Justin Hokanson contributed to this report.


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Too noob to initiate new thread, but Scout has a free video with the director of scouting (Kennedy) and 1 of the 3 subjects he talks about is recruit most likely to make an impact, and Kennedy not only selected Green, but stated he would move up to at minumum the #2 RB on scouts rankings.

Looks like Rivals will not be alone at naming him a 5* and having him ranked blue-chip elite.


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No matter where EJL ends up, this serves Ann Arbor.

How Michigan handles this situation speaks VOLUMES about Hoke & Company. There is much to be gained by gently closing the door as it appears to have happened.

(1) It illustrates to other recruits that people who decline U of M may very well regret the decision, the more they consider it.

(2) It illustrates that invitations to play in Michigan do not last forever, even if you are very, very, VERY good at football. And those invitations disappear early with this staff.

(3) Michigan will NOT sell recruits out to displace someone for the flavor of the month. Unlike other schools/conferences. So if you come to the party late, no matter how good you are, if there is no room, the room will not be made for you at someone else's expense.

But then again, if you commit to Michigan, Michigan commits to you.

Saying no to Lewenberry (unless a spot legitimately opens up) brings us closer to Treadwell/Green/ any other current and future fence-sitters, by making our program look stronger, stabler, and more honorable.

If an LB spot does legitimately open up, Lewenberry commits here before Hoke even completes his sentence inviting him to the program.

But the news here is not whether we have room for Lewenberry.

The news is that Treadwell and Green must consider whether we shall have room for THEM for much longer. And it's not because Michigan is strongarming ANYONE: it's all courtesy of EJL's dad.

Thank you, EJL's dad!

steve sharik

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You don't tell your own commits the meaning of "commitment" includes no visits to other schools, then turn around and let a kid who reaffirmed his commitment to another school come for a visit.

Unless you're Urban Meyer.

Also, we had room for two LBs and we now have two. I'd like to have E.J., too, but we have plenty of good, young talent at LB. E.J. made his bed, now he had to lie in it. Welcome to southern football, son.


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I really think an analysis of integrity's impact on a football program--especially recruiting--would be an awesome idea. 

There are a bunch of things that complicate the issue (having a successful NFL-caliber coach being one of them), but for once, it seems like 'doing the right thing' is paying off. 


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...you lost your place in line.  Hoke should still have interest in the kid given that he's an elite talent.  But our primary targets are Green and Treadwell and we need to play our cards to ensure both their commitments first.  If it turns out we lose one (or both), THEN we can turn to Levenberry if he's still available.  This may go all the way to NSD before it resolves.

Good problem to have btw.

LSA Aught One

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a t-shirt that says "HOLLA ACHA BOY" but written with a shoelace.  It would sell well not only in Ann Arbor, but in the section of Florida between Lake Okeechobee and Pompano Beach.  This is the area known affectionately as the Pahokee-Deerfield region.