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Pat Fitzgerald could have called for an extra point and gone to overtime. He didn't, and later chalked that decision up to being aggressive. Possibly, he remembered the pain of losing in triple overtime to Michigan at home a year earlier.

I prefer to think that Fitzgerald looked at Foolhardiness Engineer Siemian and Reluctance Specialist Gardner and made the only decision he could.

To go the hell home.




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Fuck Northwestern.

I was at the 2000 Anthony Thomas Fumble/They had our signals game. The whole time.

My last game as a student was 2008 Northwestern, which Michigan lost in a 38 degree rain. Whole time.

I was at 2013 Northwestern, in a frickin typhoon only to see the Dileo Poweslide (that was pretty OK I guess) Whole time.

Then M00N. Whole damn time.

Oh, and I was at the triple OT basketball game this past year too - but I left after 1 Overtime to get home to a sick dog. At least I left that one?


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You'll absolutely need the sweetness of fresh picked berries to counterbalance the fact that Michigan starts eight drives from its own 40 yard line or better and winds up with a grand total of seven points to show for them. Not wanting to be left out, the Wildcats start with the ball in Michigan territory three times in the second half. Those drives yield zero points and negative 11 yards.

I certainly cannot be the only one for whom booze made this game that much more hilarious in a sad, a very sad way, but the point made by Nanni is well-taken - it would be a great help to erase this game from our consciousness. 


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I like this game.  It's a great deal more memorable than pretty much any other game that year.  Hell of a lot more interesting than your basic run of the mill 24-10 win.


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Good lord that game gave me large amounts of stress. It really suck stressing over a game against Northwestern, but that is how this football program has been since 2008, so I have gotten fairly used to it over the past two or three seasons, which is extremely unfortunate.

SF Wolverine

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is joining the cheer to "punt" when we got the ball on about our own 40.  It was funny, but also sort of true -- we were a lot better without the ball than with.  Three+ hours of my life that I just can't get back.

The FannMan

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Those guys are Flordia fans or something.  They didn't have to sit through that utter crap of a football game.  I mean, they were able to change the channel and not give a shit.  (I am assuming that they did so after about 30 seconds.)  

We, however, were invested in that crap.  


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Watched this at the beer exchange in Kalamazoo.... Everyone except my wife and I were making fun of Michigan for 3 hours until Northwestern screwed up the final play.

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Mr. Owl

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I remember that last play, I would have been just as happy if they had converted and won.  I was just glad that it was the last play.  Let's just figure this out for next week.  Thank you for letting it end.