(ED:LSA) Kansas crushed by Baylor 81-58

Submitted by orobs on March 9th, 2013 at 8:03 PM

2 minutes left, and baylor is up 20+. #1 seed back on the line with a win tomorrow?


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I'm serious.  Why not go for a quick shot and then put on some fullcourt pressure?  You might be able to force a turnover or a rushed shot.  Or as noted above, you could foul.  There's no rule that you can only deliberately foul in the second half.

Dribbling out 30 seconds seems like a pretty foolish strategy when you're down that many possessions.  You want to lengthen the game there, and squeeze as many possessions as you can.  (Not to mention that, in general, holding for the last shot seems to rarely ever result in points.)



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So, given Gonzagas schedule, if they lose to LMU - would they move to a #3 seed? If I'm not mistaken, the team they're playing tonight has won 1 conference game all year. 1 game in the WCC


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I know rankings are pointless and subjective and have no standard kind of protocol for being filled out. BUT.

wouldn't it make sense in a sport like cbb to rank teams every week based on, in that poller's opinion, what seed they would be in the ncaa tourney if the season ended that week.


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I like Dick Vitale a lot better than Dakich.  Vitale can be annoying at times but Dakich is just a douche.  For as much as some on here hate him, he says a lot of great stuff about us like after GR3s 360 dunk.


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 I am more than a casual fan of CBB but not not the absolute junkie nut for it as I am CFB so I have a question to those that know more than myself and can predict tourney seeds like I (most major CFB fans) can predict non-predetermined Bowl matchups. Question being: Let us say for argument sake (total hypothetical but clearly not impossible) that we lose out BEFORE the NCAA Tourney seeds are announced. Indiana takes us out, bounced in first round of BTT, etc. If that happens, what region and regional seed are we likely to be in the NCAA tourney? I cannot help not think that a regional 3 seed is our worst case scenario but I heard on the radio some saying the season is so wacky with no clear cut dominant teams mean we could be a regional 5-6 seed. Am I crazy or ignorant for thinking that is just impossible given our overall body of work (I know the PSU loss killed us)? Thanks. 


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I'm no expert but a pretty big overall CBB fan.  I'd agree that we wouldn't fall beyond a 4, but probably not beyond a 3.  It's such a touchy thing.  I feel like if Indiana were to lose out, not likely, they'd drop no further than a 2, but we on the other hand can range anywhere from a 1 to a 4.  So, that being said, there's a very, very good chance that Auburn Hills will be the destination for Michigan.  If a team is a top 4 in a region they likely get the preferential treatment as to location of their games; Auburn Hills just so happens to be in our backyard.  Our season's work shall not drop us down to a 5/6 range.  I guess there's a chance, nothing's impossible...but no it ain't happening.

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The people on the radio are wrong.  We're 25-5 and the absolute worst we can do is finish 25-7.  A 25-7 team from the best conference in the country is not going to be a 5 or 6 seed.  Also, there have been so many upsets over the past week that the PSU loss doesn't even really hurt us that much anymore.

I don't know what region we're headed to, but it doesn't really matter because, as a top-four seed, our first NCAA site will be Auburn Hills regardless.  The pod system has changed the way the regions work.  Now only the Sweet 16/Elite 8 games are actually guaranteed to be in the geographical region they claim to be in.  The first weekend's games can be anywhere.  Auburn Hills can be a site for the East, Midwest, West or South region, depending on where the two Michigan schools are assigned.


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I think it's definitely possible that we fall to a 4 or 5 seed.  Yes, it wouldn't make sense, seeing as we're on the cusp of a 1 seed, but think about it:

A loss to Indiana drops us to the 5 seed in the B1G Tournament.  The first matchup is against the 12 seed:  Penn State.

Losing out would mean another loss to Penn State.  Two losses to a piss poor team in the final 3 weeks of conference play would not look too great in the NCAA committee's eyes.



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Kansas loses (Ahead of us in RPI and AP)

New Mexico loses (Ahead of us in RPI)

Florida loses (Ahead of us in RPI)

Miami lost earlier this week (Ahead of us in RPI and AP)

Georgetown lost earlier this week (Ahead of us in AP)


Beat Indiana, and we'll be in the top 4 in the polls again on Monday. Florida and Kansas should move behind us in the RPI when it updates. Even if beating Indiana doesn't move us up past teams that haven't lost, we'll still be in the top 5. I think that alone will be enough for a #1 seed in the tournament assuming we don't completely fall apart in the BTT.

We are also the #6 overall on Bracket Matrix right now. With Kansas losing, we'll be on the edge of a 1-seed. Beating Indiana will likely put into a 1-seed on there.


March 10th, 2013 at 5:03 AM ^

And yet Lunardi still has Kansas as the final 1-seed. Wtf? Not that he's the end-all be-all but how can one leave them as-is after that ass-whooping?