edit:"Things Fall Apart" starring 50c as fake-uniformed U of M RB diagnosed with cancer

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All pertinent info in header.  50 starring as heisman hopeful Michigan RB Deon Barnes.  Also starring Ray Liotta, directed by Mario Van Peebles(Sonny Spoons to gen Xers)


Yes, this is the role he lost 50 lbs for.


Edit: Sorry, when I read the article I thought this was going to be significantly cooler than the reality.  Such is life.



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All of the extras are GRCC players, a couple of my former players got to be in the movie.  I've been told to watch 50's legs and you can tell when his stunt double comes in (also a GRCC player)   For what it is worth they wanted to do the moive with GVSU players but something fell through with the NCAA and they had to go to a NAIA school.  


It is my understanding that the players all ragged on 50.  Turns out he was a terrible athlete, despite his appearence.


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he should also star in a basketball drama about a former 1st round pick who's career is cut short because he's terrible and refuses to accept that he's nothing more than a 6th man...entitled Big Dreams Small Skill: The Rodney Stuckey story.

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the U usually doesnt allow for it's likelness to be used in films.  will he just be a "wolverine," or an actual "university of michigan" player i wonder?


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Led by heisman front runner Michigan QB Tim Waymen.  Tim Waymen also happens to be a member of this board.

Off the top of my head other movies involving  the University of Michigan or Ann Arbor: The Big Chill, Jumper, The Men Who Stare At Goats, and Ari Gold went to Uof M.  I'm sure there is plenty more out there.

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Yes, and I believe in the scene where they play Michigan you can see Michigan players wearing most of the retired numbers, including a fat defensive tackle wearing 98.

*nerd rage*


Edit: Ford's 48 wasn't retired yet when the movie was made, but I remember seeing 98 and 87, and I'm pretty sure 11 and 47 as well.


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Much of this was filmed with the Grand Rapids CC football team @ Grand Valley State's stadium. I was an extra in the stadium scenes. 50 is a pretty cool guy. He took some time and came and talked to a bunch of the extras. All of the football scenes were filmed about this time last year, before he lost that crazy amount of weight. Should be a interesting movie

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I found these pictures from this article: 


I'm guessing they are the jerseys and helmet worn in the film, unless they did some crazy digital imaging.  UofM probably didn't grant them the licensing rights to use the real jerseys, helmet, and logos.  As noted above, Michigan has granted licensing rights in the past, I wonder if the fee was too large for the movie, or if the University just didnt' feel like it for some reason.


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Well, we aren't alone in this at least.  I would imagine we will have a good idea of how Texas Longhorns fans felt after Necessary Roughness came out, with the climactic championship game being played against the University of Texas, only it wasn't really the University of Texas.