Edit: Saban being discommoded by Michigan in his backyard....

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Before intv with Nick Saban he looks at my #Michigan hat & says "We don't see too many of those around here" #GoBlue


This makes me happy! When you live in Alabama it is so annoyed that I have to listen from Alabama and Auburn fans, co-workers, coaches, and Medias. Even worst cross the street from my home there is a whole family that is Ohio State fan! Yuck!!  



Edit : Oh Sh*& I spell Michigan wrong :-X Thank you for catching that. 



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Saban has always hated UofM. Probably started with his coaching at Ohio State.

But I distinctly remember when he left MSU, one of the reasons he cited publicly was because UofM owned the state, and he felt MSU would always play 2nd fiddle to UofM (this was pre "little brother", but Saban basically said what Mike Hart did).

he was very clearly frustrated and butt hurt at the time he left MSU. I'm sure a few NCs with Alabama lessened yhat, but I think deep down he has the same kind of hatred for Michigan that we have for the buckeyes. and that makes these satellite camps even sweeter.


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Saban referred to MSU as his "dream job" when he was hired.  Saban left MSU because they were at the forefront of a movement to take power away from athletic departments and give it to career academic administrators who know nothing about sports.

In other words, if DiBiaggio et al hadn't been such assholes to Saban, he might have stayed at MSU a long time.  Imagine all of the couches that would have suffered if Sparty had been successful the last twenty years...


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If memory serves the OP features English as his second or perhaps third language and not his native tongue.

So I gotta give it up to him for bravery if nothing else.  Lord knows I wouldnt have the balls to start threads on MgoBlogido in whatever foreign land he calls home.


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Well thank you for understanding! I really appreciate it! When people mock my grammar. Without knowing who I am,  where I come from,  or what my background is.


On Mgoblog when people mock me it look like this: 



But this how I feel and try to improve my grammar for better:



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This is one instance in which the dictionary definition is far inferior to what the word seems to mean.

"He was so drunk that he didn't notice the toilet seat had been liberally coated with vaseline by his nemeses in the adjoining dorm room, and promptly discommoded himself when he sat down."


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Of course, if you look at the aerials of his property (owned now by the Crimson Tide Foundation, I believe), it is hard to imagine genuinely being discommoded in that backyard, but more to the OP's point, it is pretty amusing to see him slowly becoming the go-to coach for questions on how the SEC is dealing with satellite camps and other SEC policy changes. The annoying part of that, of course, is that before long Nick Saban will be on the record for just about every major legislative issue in the NCAA's queue. 


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Who thinks these forums are being taken over by spelling/grammar jerks?  C'mon man!  We're all Michigan fans here (except for the trolling trolls every once in a while).  Can't we save the hate for the usual suspects?  (I know, I know: "the Judean People's Front!"  Let's get the obvious quips out of the way right now.)