EDIT: *Poker pro* Phil Hellmuth headed to Signing of the Stars

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on February 1st, 2016 at 8:35 AM

Per his Twitter: "Finished 3 days of filming @PokerNightTV at @TVPokerRoom: won $13,700 total. Next stop is Ann Arbor, Mich to support my boy Jim Harbaugh"

Edited to clarify that Hellmuth is a poker pro since, admittedly, he's a pretty random celebrity.


1201 S. Main St.

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Has the most World Series of Poker bracelets, meaning he's won the most World Series of Poker events.  He's easily a top 3 professional...even though his persona is a bit annoying and he's probably more of a "heel" in the fans eyes.  And really? Chris Moneymaker?  Out of all the poker players in the world after Helmuth, you pick Chris Moneymaker?  

Wolverine In Iowa 68

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Last time I looked, CFB players are not allowed to gamble.  Fantasy sports for money would be an NCAA violation.  Having a professional gambler at this signing event could be misconstrued by some NCAA official as something nefarious (as they tend to go after nonsense instead of going after programs that regularly break rules).  I doubt it's the type of attention we would want.

I fully believe he's just a celebrity who supports Harbaugh, and there's nothing more to it, but IF his presence was misconstrued as the coach, or the team, or the University condoning gambling by players it could be a huge mess.  Discretion is the better part of valor, and all that.

Pepto Bismol

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I believe the NCAA rule says you can't bet on sports (I could be wrong).  Phil Hellmuth is a poker player.  If casino games were an issue, they'd be camped out on CMU's campus 365 days a year monitoring the Soaring Eagle.

If seeing Hellmuth there means the football team is playing poker (which I'm not even sure is a violation), then by that same rationale, seeing Holland, Leyland & Jeter there means they are all playing pro baseball, right?  Seeing Gracin, Hawthorne and Migos there must mean the program is also recording an album.


You want to talk about degenerate sports betting?  Look no further than the well-documented gambling history of Michael Jordan, who's iconic sillouette will adorn every player's uniform for the next decade. 








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I don't know where the line is where expect people on this board to "know" certain names, but I feel like Hellmuth is one of those names. No, he's not Denard Robinson, but he's one of those names where if you don't know it, that's on you, not on the OP. I'm not a poker player, I've never been into watching poker on TV, but I know Phil Hellmuth both by sight and by name.

Far, far more odd names are seen as commonplace around here than him.


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Actually, the final table ratings for the World Series of Poker were up pretty dramatically this year.  


They screwed themselves in 2011 when they went to the "virtual live" format, instead of taping it.  But they had to since everyone knew the results before the telecast.  Personally, I just like watching the hands.  Don't really give a crap who wins.

On a side note, Phil Hellmuth blow-ups are some seriously entertaining television.

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You ask that like it matters. 


Lou Holtz - Kent State

Ric Flair - Minnesota

Mike Shanahan - Eastern Illinois

Josh Gracin - Western Michigan

Todd McShay - Richmond

I haven't yet found where Quavo, Offset or Takeoff attended.  But it's likely the Migos members enrolled near Atlanta.



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I feel obliged to give you a "no shit" for the rock. His injury is the only reason anyone knows who Warren Sapp is. But to be truthful I didn't know MOST pro wrestlers were college athletes. It just seemed like a man who made his living off yelling "WOO!" and taking steroids wouldn't have pursued a higher education.