EDIT: ESPNU Jumps to Conclusions about D-Mo Entering Draft, Nothing New Here

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EDIT: Ok so it sounds like this is basically ESPN making assumptions based on what we heard yesterday. Darius is not hiring an agent so he would be eligible to come back to Michigan. Lets all hope he does!



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Didn't we get this news yesterday with the "test the waters" announcement?  As long as he doesn't sign with an agent, he can return before May 8.


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I thought it was clear yesterday that this is what he was doing.  "Testing the waters" in basketball means to declare and not sign with an agent.  It doesn't guarantee he'll return, although it sounds like he probably will in this case


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This sounds like an ESPN headline that doesn't actually provide anything of substance. If he wants to get feedback from the NBA scouts then he needs to declare but like was reported yesterday, he basically came out and said he only wanted the feedback so he could come back and improve. I have a feeling though that this thread will keep popping up until he says himself he'll be returning.


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I think the quotes from Morris's brother that were included in that original Free Press article muddied the issue, especially when his brother said "He’s going to go through the process as if he was going to enter the draft." That implied that he hadn't decided to enter the draft yet, but I think what his brother meant was he is going to enter the draft but there is still the chance that he'll withdraw his name in the end.

Anyway, it looks we should have a more definitive answer tomorrow, according to a Detroit News article:

Sophomore point guard Darius Morris is believed to be considering entering the NBA Draft.

Coach John Beilein is expected to address Morris' status Monday in his season-ending press session.

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when their reporting is slower, and less accurate, than Mark Snyder's.  lol.

Really, sports reporting is so bad.  It really is just a form of entertainment.  Package the stories, get them out there.  Get the page-hits, and the ratings.  Keep the product coming.


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I think it was just bad reporting rewording what we already know. The said it as if Morris was entering the draft and then also mentioned that he wasn't hiring an agent. This leads me to believe that he is testing the waters, but nothing is certain, all of which has already been known on these boards. 


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Saw the same thing.  They said at the end that he wasn't hiring an agent so it leaves open the possibility of him returning to Ann Arbor.


This isn't new news.  It's the same thing we saw earlier.  Just ESPN being ESPN.


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Selfish? If he goes pro it may be misguided and a poor decision (depending on where or if he gets drafted) but selfish? No f'ng way. He is entitled to make a living just like any other student is and if he wants to leave now and try it's his call.

I would disagree with it but ill sure as hell defend his right to do it. He owes you nothing.


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to agree with this, I will.  I do not want anyone to tell me when and where I can make a living.  So why do we, as Michigan fans, think we can tell D-Mo when are where he can make a living.

He is not here to entertain us.  He is here to get an education and make something of himself.  If he goes, then I hope he wears the M crest well and is proud to have been here.  He can always come back and get his degree.



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I hope he doesn't enter the draft but I'd do the same thing if I were him.  You're one play away from ending your career so you might as well make your millions if the opportunity presents itself.


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Everyone always rationalizes news like this, but can we just admit that this is terrible news? If he goes through all the training and gets told he'll be a high pick I really doubt he will decide to come back. This...blows.


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Fortunately he has fairly significant flaws (I love him, but he's still young and doesn't have a jump shot/left hand) so probably isn't a high pick yet.  Unless they're really reaching based on his size which is a danger with NBA GMs.

With another year under Beilein I wouldn't be shocked if he's a lottery pick though.

The Barwis Effect

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Whatever happens, it's good for U-M basketball.  On one hand, if he comes back, well, we all know why that would be good.  On the other hand, being able to point to a player that has parlayed playing for Beilien at U-M into a first round draft selection would all but shut up the naysayers during recruiting.


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I hate the damned rule that allows college basketball players to leave after one year of eligibility and turn pro.

I've got my fingers crossed - someone ought to send D-Mo some of the threads about Donovan Warren and how that turned out.  At least he hasn't hired an agent.

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Make the NBA pay it, to the draftee's school as a tax.  An "X" amount.  Price of a scholarship, plus, plus.  If the NBA wants a kid after his freshman year, the tax is 3X.  After his sophomore year, it is 2X.  After his junior year, it is X.

If the NBA proposes to raid the ranks of the NCAA like it was a farm system, let the NBA pay for its farm system.

And, as always, allow kids the choice whether or not to go to college before entering the draft.  I have more of an issue with Greg Oden, than with LeBron James.  I think it distorts the collegiate game to have guys coming and going.  Underclassmen student-athletes with one foot out the door.  If you're set on being a pro basketball player, just be one.  And if you're good but not quite ready for the NBA, go to Italy or Spain or Brazil and play.  


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I have a feeling people would think differently if accountants could get a career-based job after their sophomore year, or doctors, or lawyers.  This is a great opportunity for Darius and we should be happy for him, as it bodes well for our program as well.  If he returns, awesome; if not, then we hope burke and brundidge can mitigate the loss.


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He would be stupid not to test the waters right now.  If it just so happens that he will be a high pick, then he should leave now.  Chances are that won't happen.  Another year in college will probably serve him very well, and I imagine that's what the draft guys will tell him.  Let's cool our jets people.


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I hope that his teammates talk some sense into him.  He needs another year to refine his game before he enters the draft.  He also has a chance to do something special with this team next year. 

Lloyd Christmas

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FWIW, the Michigan Football fan page on facebook is claiming that via Twitter, D Mo is dismissing all of the draft talk. I don't follow him on twitter, so I can't confirm. Perhaps someone else may have seen this?


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there seems to be a disconnect between the media and reality. according to everything I've heard from darius, he is entering his name in the draft to test the waters. every article on this I've read says "darius morris going pro". stop jumping to conclusions, it's terrifying me