Eddie Lacy and Others to Miss Spring Practice

Submitted by hart20 on March 6th, 2012 at 4:37 PM

Eddie Lacy, Alabama's new starting running back, will miss spring practice while recovering from surgery on his turf toe. While it's only spring practice, any less practice for Lacy is fine with me. I'm obviously not wishing him harm, and he obviously still has the summer, but Lacy is another beast at running back, and less practice is almost never a good thing. 

Also missing spring practice for Alabama:

Player Position Reason for Missing Spring Practice
Duron Carter WR Suspended
Arie Kouandjio OL Knee Surgery
Michael Bowman WR Suspended
Ronald Carswell WR Suspended


I really wonder what the suspended players did to warrant suspensions. With Saban, it had to actually be something pretty bad. 

Anyways, the Crimson Tide graduated their top 4 leading receivers this year and having 3 WRs missing spring practice isn't a good thing.

RDT, I expect you'll have somthing to say about the significance of this, if there even is any.






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Knowing Alabama, they probably have another 10 receivers lined up who are just/almost as good as those 3 guys. And as far as running backs go, their backups have a pretty good history of being okay. 

San Diego Mick

March 6th, 2012 at 5:07 PM ^

Golden Shit Howdy!

Anyway, I expect us to be very competitive with a really good chance of winning. I wouldn't trade our coaching staff with any in the country and they are now well into year 2 of a GOLDEN ERA (see what I did there?) of M Football.

I'm curious to read what RDT has to say, I like his comments and he is very level headed and I respect his views, he comes off sane and realistic, I'm willing to bet that Bama fans will tell you that U-M is probably the only program in the B1G that they respect and probably fear.


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While it's nice to have Lacy not practicing he doesn't worry me as much as their O Line. Barrett Jones is a beast and I feel like they can make sizable holes for anyone.

It will be interesting to see us handle them without RVB and Mike Martin.


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Carter wasnt going to class. I think is about 50/50 whether he ever ends up playing. Carswell, and Bowman will not be back.  Neither of them ever made an impact.


Without Carter, who as recently as a month ago I thought would start, the WR rotation will go something like: White, Bell, Norwood, Jones, Shinn, Cooper, Williams, Black. The last 3 are true freshman. 


ETA: Cyrus will be the starting LT with Barrett Jones sliding to center to replace Vlachos. 


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Norwood, White, and Bell will all be considered starters. White and Bell split a starting spot last year. Rumor was that White was un-coverable in practice, and Bell disapeared. Roles were kind of switched in games. White also has some nerve issues. Missed the PSU game because of a weak stomach that was said to be nerves. 


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Actually I think a lot of the "lenient" coaches like Saban (as if that really describes him) generally use Spring suspensions as a way to circumvent having to suspend guys during the regular season.  Like when Jim Tressel suspended the Tat 5 during Spring because that was such a harsh punishment.


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I know it's kind of crazy, but everything is lining up pretty well right now. Most, if not all, of the B1G teams are down right now, Alabama loses a lot of talent, and our schedule isn't really as tough as it appears, although it seems that way at first glance. And that first glance means everything, if it seems tough that helps the perception of the team so much in the eyes of the polls.


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If there's any position that can miss practice time, it should be RB, right? If the guy is healthy by May, he still has all of ninety days to get back whatever athleticism he lost, and being a guy who saw some carries last year, does he need a ton of practice on what RB's are expected to do in Saban[ish] offenses (I realize they have a new o-coordinator).


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Thanks for the reply. Looking at your past posts, I can only assume you're an Alabama fan/alum/Nick Saban himself, would that be correct? And are you planning on spending some time 'round these parts leading up to September?

hart20: Yea, obviously it can't hurt to practice, I just think if he has a good work ethic over the summer and can get his athleticism back by fall camp he should remember how to hit a hole, run RB routes and throw a block by the time they get off the plane in Dallas. It's not like he's a new starting QB who needs to get in sync with receivers, OT's, ect., which IMO would be much worse for them.


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Come from a long line of alums. My Great Grandfather was William McKinally, if that name mean anything to any of yall. 

Grew up in Cleveland, and decided to get out of the snow for college and went to Bama. 

Ive been a lurker for a while, but with the game coming up this September, thought Id start posting. If anyone has any questions about Bama, fire away. I usually check the board at least once a day. 

Please no oversigning questions though. 


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Thankfully, Alabama's QB is nothing special. If he was I'd be a lot more worried about the game. I think we see a somewhat similar gameplan to the OSU game, but not to such a great extent with the no safety help and leaving the corners by themselves.


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IDK Hart20 ... my Bama in-laws (veteran eyes, to say the least) seem to think McCarron projects out as the best QB they've had in quite some time.


He clearly got a LOT better as the season went on last year.  He looked pretty darned good against that LSU D in the title game.


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Lacy not practicing is about as devastating to them as Mike Hart not practicing while he was here.  In other words, big whoop.  The guy is an absolute load, better than any RB we faced last year.  He has seen tons of action already, and that is a veteran OL and QB he's working with.

In fact, it is almost less of a big deal to them than when Mike H didn't practice for us.  With Lacy out, that other Hart (Dee) and early enrollee TJ Yeldon with both get tons of valuable reps.


Bama's backfield may not have the foursome that LSU rolled out there ... but their top three are better, IMO (assuming Dee is all the way back by the fall).  Devastating group, esp since those OLs came back rather than jumping early.


I'm assuming Demens is up worrying at night about tackling Lacy.  At least he had better be.  He has to play his best game of his career, period.  As does BWC, to state a more obvious one.  Lacy is going to be running downhill right at those two ... hopefully not right through them though!!


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scare anyone. Its their defense that scares everyone! and from what I can tell they will be looking to fill some big voids from big time veterans. This is where we have a chance


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Fuck everything else im excited RDT has some comp on the board now. Maybe trey will be our new fav also. ??? Im stuck in traffic and irritated sorry


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Were is Roll Damn TIde when you need him? Does this hurt them substantially or not really? Saban was rumored to have a machine in the basement that can at the push of a button  either give RS Sophomores with medical issues an epiphany to leave the program, or create a 5 star athlete. Atleast thats what I heard over on RCMB a couple bowl seasons ago.