Ed Warinner shares new recruiting graphic.

Submitted by BoFlex on March 1st, 2018 at 9:10 AM

Ed Warinner just posted a new recruiting graphic on his Facebook account featuring 5 former Buckeyes. This comes just couple days after former FSU DB Jalen Ramsey publicly called out Texas A&M/Tim Brewster for using his image to recruit at a different school. I figured people might be interested to comment on this since Jalen Ramsey’s graphic was discussed on this board.

Overall, the move makes sense since Ed Warinner was their actual position coach, but from an optics standpoint I really wished they had chosen to feature some players from Warinner’s other coaching stops. Also, what would be the response if those players also asked Ed Warinner to stop using their name to recruit for their alma mater’s rival like Jalen Ramsey?



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This was discussed yesterday and then taken down. 


It makes sense and is normal. 


Also, I appreciate that you tagged "Jalen", for all those "Jalen" searches out there that are really trying to find an Ed Warinner recruiting graphic..


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Well, it definitely wasn't the subject itself - the subject is fine. It was more about the old adage, "it's not what you say but how you say it" that was causing the thread to go off the tracks, complete with a supposed lack of understanding as to why Warinner would highlight OSU linemen and not Michigan linemen and a couple other things. 

So, it was not the poster itself.....but the poster, if that makes sense.


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This makes sense to use them, he did develop them. The thing with Ramsey nearly never happens - think of all the coaching graphics that are used and how many times a player actually calls out a past coach. 

Mr Miggle

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1. Ramsey objected to his image being used. Warinner didn't use any.

2. Ramsey objected to being used by someone who didn't coach him. Warinner did coach those players. Those are significant differences.

3. I think using the OSU players in particular is smart. It sends the message that the guy who was successful in developing the OL at OSU is gone, not just that Michigan has a new coach with a good track record at a high level. Also, the rivalry isn't a big deal to most recruits. 


Perkis-Size Me

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Hey man if Warriner can make Michigan’s OL anything like what it was when he was your OL coach, I’m more than okay with that. I’d love to have a Taylor Decker, Pat Elflein or Billy Price manning down our OL.

Hate every single one of them, but I won’t deny how good they were and how I’d love to see our guys play like them.

Perkis-Size Me

March 1st, 2018 at 1:43 PM ^

Would they have had as much success? Maybe not. But I'll say this much. Their OL is the reason they won that game. If their OL wasn't shoving Alabama off the ball and giving Elliott running lanes the size of a 16 wheeler to run through, I don't think OSU wins that game. 

Elliott should get a lot of credit for what he did in that game. But the OL was what allowed him to be able to do those things in the first place. 


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Already posted yesterday and was deleted.

He coached them. He was their position coach.

Urban used Tebow for an Ohio State recruiting graphic before too.

In conclusion before this also gets deleted, it’s not a big deal.


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I get being a bit weirded out by this but if you want to be in the mix for blue chip OL then you have to advertise that Warinner can send guys to the NFL which he did a lot of at OSU.

Perkis-Size Me

March 1st, 2018 at 1:53 PM ^

Exactly. I really don't care that he used to coach for the enemy. Most recruits won't care either. What they want to know is if Warriner can coach them up to the next level, and if history is any indication, he can. 

When all he has to worry about is the OL, he's proven that he can be among the best in the business. That is all I care about, because the OL has been what's held this program back for nearly a decade. So what if his results come from being at OSU? Him having been there doesn't matter anymore. What matters is that he's here now and recruits want to know what he can do for them right now. 


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These guys should be offended! Take to the twitters and express their OUTRAGE! Thats what Americans do now right?

Fucking snowflakes. The fact that something like this even gets a mention is outrageous.


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Low hanging fruit. He has developed these players during college and they are successful in the pros. Kids would like to know this. Doesn't matter where he was or who they were he can claim a portion of their success due to being their position coach. Nothing to see here.


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Also, it's obviously not a coincidence that the majority if his former lineman who are in the NFL now played for him are OSU. I'd say the overall strength of that program, coupled with Meyer's scheme, kind if helped churn out those NFL'ers. I don't see this graphic as a big deal but I wish it weren't exclusively Buckeyes on it.


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This is absurd! How dare Coach Warinner associate himself with anything remotely osu related. Harbaugh would never approve of such a malicious act....and twice now! Hire Borges!

Oh, and, IBD.


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I think the bigger story is Ramzy at 11 Warriors outing himself yet again as the ubiquitous, brainless Buckeye cooler pooper, instead of the supposed "reasonable, smart guy" he pretends to be.


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Us Buckeye fans are getting a good laugh at it.

Also, I totally get it.  He was the position coach for all of these guys.  He was fantastic at the job (being an OC, not as much).  Why wouldn't you highlight the players you've DIRECTLY helped make to the NFL.

It's just the optics of EVERYONE of them being a player for your biggest rival that makes it so weird.

I would think you would see why we get a good laugh out of it.  If it was reversed, you guys might understand it but this board would be having a field day with it as well.

On another note, I am sad Drevno is gone and that means Warriner moves into to work directly with your OL.  You guys can't help but get better.  He's one of the best in the business.


March 1st, 2018 at 11:02 AM ^

Fuck it.  I'd take credit for Joey Galloway if it helped land some 5-stars.

If we don't want to be embarrassed by Ohio State-related stuff, start winning games.

I'm not embarrassed that we had to go to Ohio to get Desmond, Charles, Elvis, et al.

Cause we were winning games with them.



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I think your fanbase has a tendency to find humor in things that are... not conventionally funny to average college football fans, or talk smack about things that are a little odd to talk smack about. At least if the 11 Warriors Twitter feed is any indication. But you seem reasonable enough so I won't judge you personally.


March 1st, 2018 at 7:08 PM ^

Actually I think we'd be beating ourselves up, honestly. We just lost one of the best position coaches in the country to our arch rival and he's using his success at Michigan to recruit elite players, which he is hoping to beat US with. Is that really something to find funny?