Ed Warinner Interview

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Ed Warinner is a great teacher.  I have to say I've watched a couple of his interviews and have learned a decent amount about the game of football.  Lets get this man on a 5 year, $5M contract this offseason is line play continues to grade out well.







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Ed is only signed on a 2 year deal worth 1.075 (537k per year) contract.


His contract extension needs to be priority number 1 with a bullet.  Be the biggest loss of the Harbaugh tenure if UM somehow let him walk.

I don't think they will though.  Harbaugh loves working with him.


I agree with Baumgardner and just name him OL/OC.  We know he can actually handle those duties because he was (co)OC/OL at Ohio State for 5 years.

Shoot even just make him RGC and give him a fat pay raise.


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Thank you. Naming Warriner OC or co-OC would be a terrible idea. And, like you said, we know this because OSU performed precisely that experiment and Michigan performed almost that experiment. Both ended with disappointments. 

Don't put more on the plate of an elite OL coach. Keep him focused, keep him happy other ways (salary), and hope he doesn't want to be an OC anymore.


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:shrugs: I think his offensive philosophy meshes better with what Harbaugh wants to do than Meyer.


Ohio State when he was the main OC:

2015: 40 in total offense.  28 in scoring.  S&P+: 20

2016: 33 in total offense.  13 in scoring. S&P+: 23


Michigan those years:

2015: 66 in total offense. 50 in scoring.  S&P+: 38

2016: 57 in total offense. 11 in scoring. S&P+: 41

And Michigan's offense right now ranks 27 in S&P+.

I don't necessarily buy into the OSU fan narrative about him.  Given that he has input on plays already, just give him the title and the pay that goes with it.


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The Peter Principle. People tend to rise to their level of incompetence unless you have a great boss who can really see precisely where you fit and where you will thrive. We see this all the time (as  you probably know) in business where someone is, for lack of better words, "kick ass", at their job and instead of helping them thrive appropriately while they kick ass they are arbitrarily promoted because "it's time" and they end up unhappy and they fail. 

You, my friend, are right on in this case. Keep him focused on OL with possible more contributions to the run game but keep him there where he is excellent and make him happy. 

Couldn't agree more. 


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Here's a ridiculous question.  Who do you think is the 4th best assistant coach?  TBH, I don't want to start this debate, just want to point out what a staff it is.


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I hope Michigan finds a way to pay Warriner what he deserves while using a nebulous title of some kind to make it sound like they gave him more duties and responsibility.  I would make a suggestion, but I am just not that creative.


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Coach Ed is the savant of the OL like Coach Matti on the DL - sign both up to multi-year contracts with great money and strong reasons not to retire or leave. 


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Kill two birds with one stone: give Ed the title of J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Offensive Line Coach. That way we can justify a big bump in pay for him and remove that ridiculous name barnacle from the top spot, so Jim can simply be University of Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh.


October 19th, 2018 at 5:38 AM ^

It amuses me that J. Ira & Nicki Harris have achieved exactly the opposite of what they had hoped for.  They should have never attached their names to such a perfect title.  They deserve all of the jokes & scorn that come their way.  What kind of pretentious shit is this?


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Pay him top OL coach dollar by a landslide. 

Our assistant coaches have finally seemed to fit. Brown and Mattison are elite. McElwain has done very well it seems with receivers. Warriner is a god-send, and I’m no longer as angry towards Pep as I was last year


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He is a great interview. I agree you really learn a lot from this dude listening. As far as technical knowledge of O-line play I'm not sure I've seen someone more capable. 

Frank Chuck

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I will never understand why it's so difficult for Michigan fans to spell his name correctly. It's a combination of "war" and "inner" to form Warinner. He's the new Jake Rudddddock.

And while Michigan fans didn't like Harbaugh not naming an OC, this is an instance where it helps to have "collaborative playcalling" because everyone has input and shares the praise when the offense does well. It also protects any individual from being scapegoated by fans when things don't work out.