The Other Brian

August 4th, 2010 at 1:10 PM ^

Just a reminder: This was not a result of high school coaches getting their hooks into the kid and making sure he went one place or didn't go to another. The entire Southeastern staff from the Smith/Gholston/Hankins days is gone, totally swept out.

This is a case of some negative recruiting by college coaches souring the kid on Michigan and the opportunity to play with his buddy Will at MSU. Now, I'm sure he "bumped into" good ol' Archie during his visits to MSU, but my point is the current atmosphere at Southeastern is not like Glenville.

Just as MSU landing Ed Davis doesn't vindicate what went down in the past, UM missing on him doesn't mean those doors are still closed.


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The thing is, I'm not sure Ed Davis would start for either team before he graduates, based on the young talent both teams have at LB. Bring on Frost, et al.


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Obviously you're entitled to your opinion, but I do think Davis could have helped us within a couple years.  Not only are we short on linebackers, but he looks like an ideal weakside linebacker to me.

("Ideal" as in a good fit, not "ideal" as in the best player ever.)


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It would have been nice to get another LB, but like WLA said, I don't know if this kid will be a starter. He didn't have any offers from elite schools. Why would LBs want to go to MSU though? They have some really good prospects there. Is Gholston going to be a LB or a DE?


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It's pretty simple we just need to WIN. Michigan has everything and more compared to every school we go against. We have won 8 games in 2 years and we lost to you know 3 years ago and since we are Michigan it's national news. These kids are going to forget how great this program was pretty soon. We all know our past and our greatness but you and I aren't D 1 prospects.


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Speaking of linebackers, what about Lamar Dawson, does Michigan have a shot at him, I know he likes Florida. You are correct Giff4484, when Michigan begins to win games, they will be able to pick and choose who they want.  


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regarding msu - "Every time I went up to East Lansing, I felt comfortable," Davis told the Detroit News. "I know if I go there I have a good chance to go to the league (NFL) and get a good education." - Ed Davis. You're pulling on my balls, right?


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To me this is the real reason he selected MSU, even if he denies it.


Defensive end/linebacker William Gholston, the state's No. 1 Blue Chip prospect from a year ago and Davis' former teammate at Southeastern, is at Michigan State. Davis said Gholston being at MSU influenced his decision a little bit, but he added, "It was my decision. It's my life."


Like Cass Tech is one of our pipelines, so is Southeastern now for MSU.


Im kinda glad in a way he did not commit to us, because that means Frost, Tabb, and any other LB prospect know we need them. IMO.


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It just kind of irks me that Davis seemed really excited about his Michigan offer; he went out and earned it at camp, and then boom, we dropped. It's strange to me I guess, but that's recruiting.

Black Socks

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I wanted Ed.  Good luck to him.  If you objectively look at the choice, Michigan is a no brainer.  However these kids are impressionable.  How could you resist Dantonio sweet talking in your ear.