East-West Shrine Game on NFL Network right now

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Surprised this hasn't been posted, but the East-West Shrine Game is on the NFL Network right now. Currently at halftime the East leads 17-14.

Representing Michigan on the West team are Kevin Koger (#86) and Junior Hemingway (#82). So far Koger has 1 catch for 8 yards.





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Junior didn't play a snap..


This game really pissed me off as I saw a lot of good players that hardly played at all.


Persa also didn't play a snap, the QB from NIU and Colorado played the whole game.


I don't know if they were hurt or not, but it is bullshit if Hemingway didn't even get to get a chance to play WR, when im watching  guys from San jose state and D2 schools taking snaps at WR


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No Junior Hemingway.  I'm sure the two guys I talked to in the parking lot from SC who remembered him from Conway High and were excited they were going to get to see him were thrilled.

Koger looked decent.  It's obvious that somebody told him he has a better chance as an H-back or fullback than TE, because he was in the backfield most of the time he played.  

As for Persa, he played a series and sucked.  I had just told a couple of Shriner volunteers how good Persa was at NW.  So much for my deep knowledge of the game.  

It was a cool atmosphere.  People were wearing shirts from as many different schools as there were players.  They did create an artificial environment, though; they closed over half of the stadium and crammed people into two thirds of the lower bowl to make the stadium look full for the cameras.  


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Watching something called "The Collegiate Bowl" on NBC sports a moment ago (it's still on) and for some reaon some of the kids had multiple logos on their helmets (SR's in college) like a kid from Hampton also had VT, Oregon, etc. on his.

Anybody know why this is?

Mr. Yost

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It's become tradition to share helmet logos. Michigan players rarely participate because they have nothing to share.


Many times it's your other favorite teams, teams where you have friends or considered going to school.


All of this all-star games have kids that do this...no big deal.


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I don't have enough posts to start a new thread (and not sure if it deserves it), but Marrell Evans is getting some love in the NFLPA all star game with a nice pass break-up


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Can't help but think the coaches gave him support or recommendations.  Don't know how players are chosen for these teams, but with his limited playing time, due more to NCAA transfer rule confusion than lack of ability, I'd like to think so.  I'm voting for the Cinderella story after all his efforts to play.