East Village 39 Southeastern 0 (Khalid Hill)

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As always the disclaimer... I'm not a scout.

Tonight I went to see Khalid Hill as his East Village team took on Southeastern. The Ville won with ease 39-0. Khalid played a lot as a tackle when The Ville was in an unbalanced set so I got to see him do a lot of blocking. Drives well off the ball and when he locked on it was over for the defender. He also used his hands well to keep his man within his base. I think blocking at the high school level is the most under coached aspect of the game but that doesn't seem to be the case here. (I got called into chain gang duty for a bit so I was literally next to the coaches the whole game and blocking was... well lets just say stressed). The Ville only threw one pass to Khalid which he caught for a TD but it was called back for holding. With just a handful of pass plays due to the score route running is not something I can give you an honest opinion on.

Khalid did play a few snaps on D and stuffed a run on one play and recorded a sack and forced fumble on another. Two big plays on D from a guy who only played about 5 snaps on D leads you to believe the athleticism is there... and I think it is. Having seen both Wyatt and Khalid I think we are getting a player a bit more like Funchess in Wyatt and a player a bit more like AJ Williams in Khalid. I like the way our future looks at TE.

Khalid has a very solid build. His lower body is more impressive than his upper body. This build is probably what gives him the ability to block so well. Rivals lists Khalid at 6'2'' and having stood next to him that is legit.

Khalid didn't play the second half.


(to answer the question... It's a turkey club...)




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I had to cut a bit of the interview b/c the wind picked up and the audio sucked.  I asked Khalid about his brother and he told me he is going to see GVSU tomorrow.  I'm a rookie at this stuff guys, trying my best to get you some insight and at least my opinion.


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Nice!  I go to GVSU.  Not a bad decision to go to the #1 Division II school in just about everything.  Winners of the past 8 Directors' Cups (best D2 program in the Nation).  When I put it in that light...Damn it feels good to be a Laker.  On another note, Go Blue.


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Basically this is how it went down... 

Walking into the game the ref asked me if I was a part of the chain gang. (the first sign there was an issue)  I told him I was not and continued over to the East English VIllage side.  I don't ever go up into the stands and try to stay on the field so I can get a better look at the play.  As I was standing there two teachers from Southeastern asked me if I could help b/c another teacher didn't show.  Next thing you know I've got the down box in my hand and I'm chatting with Khalid.  Another teacher did show up but only stayed for the 2nd and 3rd so I was back on duty for the 4th.


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I appreciate hearing these types of first hand accounts.  When you asked him who are the 2 recruits that he'd like to see fill out this class, I couldn't hear the second name that he said.  I heard him say Laquon Treadwell, but I didn't hear who he said for the other person.  Who was the second recruit he mentioned?


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know, East Village, or The Ville as the kids like to call it, is a combination of Detroit Crocket and Detroit Finney. So this is technically sorta kinda like where Brandon Graham went to HS. Also, I'd imagine combining anyone with an already loaded Crocket team is a deadly recipe for success.