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Slow day on the boards. Anyway, I hate this time of year and waiting for college football, but here is a post from a Rivals board that is getting a lot of debate. Early sesaon predictions. Everyone is responding about the ND, Rutgers, PSU & NW results. It seems like those are the swing games. I think we go at least 3-1 against that group! Mich 35 App St 10; Mich 24 ND 27; Mich 42 Miami OH 10; Mich 31 Utah 17; Mich 34 Minny 21; Mich 27 Rutgers 20; Mich 24 PSU 28; Mich 21 MSU 24; Mich 38 Ind 21; Mich 24 NW 17; Mich 35 MD 24; Mich 20 OSU 31. How many days away before I get to tailgate at AAGO???!!!



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The Big House at night after the luck storm they got last year. Bill was a good coach for PSU and I don't think Franklin is in that league. Plus Nuss has seen Franklin before and vice versa and PSU depth chart is finally showing the sanctions.

James Burrill Angell

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I concur.

1) It was at their place last year. Its home this year.

2) Allen Robinson basically took that game from us and he's gone and I don't see a replacement of that caliber.

3) New coach for PSU.

4) We had multiple shots to win last year and blew them. Is that really going to happen twice in a row?

I don't agree with that prediction. I see somewhere between 10-2 and 8-4 with the Notre Dame game and possibly Northwestern away being the swings.


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I'm not sure if that's really a gambler's fallacy.  It sounded like the OP was saying "We lost because X happened last year, and since X has a low probability of happening at all, it's unlikely it happens this year."  A Gambler's Fallacy would be "Because X happened last year, I bet it won't happen this year" suggesting they are not independent events.  But that's not how I took it.  I took it as "the unlikely event that led to our defeat last year likely won't happen again this year, simply because it's an unlikely event."


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I think our defense will be much better than that. We'll be allowing 10-20 points per game except for Ohio and ND. I also think we'll only score 30 points at max outside of the ASU and Miami games.


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So, this is just some poster on another board's opinion? Or is this your opinion? When in your post do you cut to his post? Does he have any inside knowledge about Michigan or is he just some chump? Why should I care what he thinks? Who am I? What is going on?

rob f

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on what boards??  This one seems to be pretty active.

Maybe you meant slow people are making predictions today on Rival's boards.


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I would bet all of my money that Michigan beats PSU this year and that's from my head and not my heart. They no longer have Allen Robinson and a lot of other key players plus we barely lost to them at their place at night.


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I am fully in Brady Hoke's corner, but if we lose to Penn State at home this year, that will cause me to repeatedly type UNACCEPTABLE FOR MICHIGAN MAN NO HEADSET FIRE BRADY JOKE on this here message board. 


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Road wins are absolutely critical this year. I do not know why this team struggles when it travels but reworking road trips needs to be a priority for Hoke & co. The team needs a new approach and I hope someone isn't stubbornly sticking to some travel routine that is proven to fail.


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If that PSU result is true, then Hoke should be cleaning out his desk the Monday morning after.  Penn State is probably going to bottom out this year or next from their sanctions and their crappy recruiting.  We need to pummel them.   


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I agree.  I think we have our way with Penn State this year.  They will be thin on defense.  They have two good RBs, but a poor, young offensive line.  Hackenberg will be good but he'll have few weapons to throw to.  Lucky for them, we play them pretty early on because one or two injuries will really cripple them.  

Essentially, our running game and their running game will be a wash.  Our passing game will be much better than theirs because Gardner > Hackenberg and our receivers are much better as well.  Their D will be decent, but not as good as ours.  And they're thin on the DL so we can wear them our.  I think we win by double digits.  


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It makes for a good discussion. Early season predictions are a dime a dozen, but why not talk about it? Are we an 8-4 team or something very different? It's hard to stick your neck out after last year and say we will win 9 or 10. Yet, it is easy to say we won't be 7-6 again!


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Because this has been discussed innumerable times already.  Also, it's June.  People are predicting results for the next 3 months despite there being no practices, no player changes (save for injuries and recovery), no games, etc.  It's just another forum post about the same damn thing - people thinking the team will win 7-8-9 games.  That's it.  

I'm not trying to knock you; you're allowed to post whatever you want.  But it's a post commenting about another post, on another site, on a topic that everybody has talked about.  But clearly there is still a subset of people who want to talk about it, for some reason.


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Utah, PSU, and IU have bye weeks before playing us.  I think I'm irrationally worried about those games but maybe not.  We should be 3-0 in these home games but stranger things have happened.


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We havent even got the fall camp hype yet. Most of us will have sky high expectations after we hear Freddy Canteen is the next Mario Manningham and Chris Wormley is going to be the secind coming of Julius Peppers. My prediction is this: They will win this year, because its about damn time.  


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Trying to remember what I predicted in the other 5 prediction threads.....

I wont make any predictions, because I have no idea what this years team is going to play like. I know one thing however, there's no way I'm going to speculate that Michigan looses to ND, MSU and OSU. PSU? That's just crazy talk, there is no way I'm going to guess that PSU comes in under the lights and wins.


June 3rd, 2014 at 4:20 PM ^

I could easily see Utah beating us.  They have been a really tough out for a long time and I think that they have a bye week before us.