An early look at the 2013 schedule

Submitted by turd ferguson on November 25th, 2012 at 6:34 PM

For the sake of talking about something other than Al Borges, I've pasted the 2013 schedule below.  It's an interesting one. 

It's obviously too early to know how strong these teams will be, but you could make a case that the three toughest teams on our schedule (ND, OSU, and Nebraska) come to Ann Arbor, while we visit the next four toughest teams on the schedule (PSU, Northwestern, MSU, and Iowa).  That could be a recipe for a whole lot of "toss-up" / "slight Michigan lean" games.  If our 2013 team looks really good (because of who comes back, how we play early, etc.), it's conceivable that we could be favored in every game on the schedule.  If our 2013 team isn't good, it's conceivable that we could be underdogs in half of them.

All things considered, I like this schedule much, much better than the 2012 schedule.


2 0 1 3
Date Opponent
Sept. 14 AKRON
Sept. 21 at Connecticut
Sept. 28 Bye Week
Oct. 12 at Penn State*
Oct. 19 INDIANA*
Oct. 26 Bye Week
Nov. 2 at Michigan State*
Nov. 16 at Northwestern*
Nov. 23 at Iowa*
Dec. 7 Big Ten Championship Game


EDIT:  Also worth noting - two bye weeks, with one coming the week before MSU.



November 26th, 2012 at 9:03 AM ^

I like 10-2 or better, provided our offensive line doesn't regress. All the big matchups at home.

Knocking off a highly ranked ND squad in week 2 will certainly help


November 26th, 2012 at 1:27 PM ^

I can't call it. You exspect your team to get better every year even with losing a star player, the guys around that position are a year older, faster "better" so you would think the unit as a whole gets better.

 It's safe to say the defense will play well next year. The last 2 years where pretty consistant so why exspect any drop off. The only "star" we lose is kovacs but we lose some solid players as well. I'm hoping Countess comes back strong from that knee injury and if he does our secondary should be better ( Countess, Taylor, Avery)

 The offense is a huge mystery tho. 2 to 3 new starters on the O line, 0 proven outside receivers, a logjam of mediocrity at RB and little faith as of right now in our offensive coaching staff. Gardners close to being a very good QB and hopefully will get what he needs this off season ( quicker reads and not turning his back and throwing shoulder away from down field)

Most of our harder opponents are at home and usually I'd be very excited and thinking undefeated season or maybe 1 loss but, until the offensive coaching staff proves they are not horrible beyond belief i'll say 8-4 / 9-3. Beating up on the invilids, playing the small children close and losing terribly to the grown men


November 26th, 2012 at 1:36 PM ^

I agree that ND, MSU, NW, Nebraska, and Ohio are all push games and could go either way. I could easily see us with 10 wins.  At the same time I could easily see us with only 7-8.  ND loses a ton of offensive weapons and the whole o-line pretty much, but brings back a lot on D minus Teo.  MSU will be the same team as last year unless underclassman go pro.  If they stay they will be tough to beat on the road.  NW and Nebraska will both give us fits because the same players that did this year, Colter/Mark and Martinez/Adbulluh are both back.  And, well we know what to expect in OSU...that won't be an easy win.  But, we get 3 of the teams we lost to at home.


I really think our season rests on how effective our offensive line is.  Our defense should be fine and we should be a little better version of this year, but still with challenges getting burned deep on occasion and lack of a pass rush unless Mario Ojemedia puts on like 25lbs over the offseason or Clark develops as a pass rusher.  It will be good to get Countess back, assuming he's 100%.  Hopefully we can develop a replacement for Kovacs.  I wonder if Robinson will play or if Gordon moves over and/or Wilson steps in.  And, certainly a big WR/RB signing will help, but likely that situation will be similar to this year...servicable but not great  So, basically it's a crap shoot.  If our offensive line plays well we win 9-10 games, if they suck we only win 7-8.  Anyone want to see us play OSU twice in the same year???


November 27th, 2012 at 2:41 AM ^

 Yea the last 2 years I said so and so is graduating MSU's defense is going slack next year and been proven wrong but, Adams is graduating and they exspect a lot out of their corners. I could see Bell leaving if he doesn't think the offense will perform any better next year. He got a lot of hype early this season and a good workout would prolly have him in the late 2nd to third round.