Early Bowl Projections

Submitted by los on September 20th, 2010 at 4:02 PM
ESPN's two bowl projection "specialists" (try not to laugh) are picking Michigan to go to the Gator Bowl and face off against Georgia or LSU. I know these projections don't mean a thing this early in the season but it would be pretty sweet to tackle The Hatter and LSU come Bowl Season, would it not? Two big programs, coaches considered to be in the hot seat, Miles is an alum and would've been our coach (maybe) if it wasn't for the Herbie incident, etc. Can't help but contemplate who'd I'd like our guys to play when we make our much anticipated return to the promise land. Who would you like to face in our first bowl game back? Better yet, who do you think we'll end up playing (if at all)?I know it's early, but that's the point (hence, the title).



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I would rather play LSU. I think that would be a fun matchup. With that being said, the Gator Bowl would be great because that would mean we would probably be around 8-4. I am just taking this season 1 week at a time though. It looks like it is going to be a ride.

Also, I dont know if you read in a different thread los, but I am also in Antwerp. Been here for 3 months. If you want I can shoot you an email. Nice to know there is another Michigan fan in my area code now.


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Seems like Rich can realistically go into any game and know he has enough weapons to play with anybody.  He didn't mention big ten championships and rose bowls much the first couple years that I can recall.

Remember the obviously more confident Rodriguez before UCONN? After you get some mud on the car in a few games it is easy to forget how much you loved it new. This is especially true for the fans.

 I haven't seen any sign that confidence from a few weeks ago has been dulled in the Coach.   Since he knows the team better than me and I wouldn't consider him any sort of poser like a lot of coaches, I think we still have some surprises in us.


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Bo's expectations: Win the Big Ten if we win the Rose Bowl  kewl.  HE had one hell of a career.  I lost alot of money on Michigan when they (go west young man)  Now we have a guy, that wants to win more than that, that is more personable than Llooyyddd  CCaarr and that doesnt kick kids off the roster, he lets them weed themselves's out.  I E  Mallet  Threatt , i could go on but u build a team around your qb.  RR let a couple good ones go....but he got what he wanted.  Guessing a few more will come and go.  His choice, his job good luck RR im still pulling for u.


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Georgia isn't looking like a bowl team.  They have to get 5 wins out of these remaining games.

@ Miss State

@ Colorado



@ Kentucky

@ Florida


@ Auburn



One or two slips against teams they should beat and the Dawgs will be struggling to make a bowl.


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Not worried about looking ridiculous.  I'm glad we got RR instead of Miles...period.  If someone is going to wait to see how many wins we get this year and decide after the fact whether I look ridiculous be my guest.

I said it when he was hired and will reiterate it now.  I like RR and I believe he is going to get it done in a big way here.

Second guessers line forms by the door.


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It makes you realize how spoiled we have been as fans for so long. Now, we're at the other end of the ring and fighting our way back, hoping we beat MSU... when three years ago losing to them would've been unthinkable. We'll be 'back' when we have high expectations and confidence game in and game out. Not hoping. That being said, I will appreciate it a hell of alot more this time. You don't know what you have until you loose it.

We'll be back...


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Why would it have been unthinkable to lose to MSU three years ago?  From 2001-05, four of the five games went down to the final play, and then the 2007 game went down to the final minute.  Frankly, we were very fortunate to put that winning streak together.  


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Guys, I know we have had our worst back to back seasons, but part of what makes this program the BEST DAMN PROGRAM EVER is the fact that we want championships.


That is what I want, if it doesn't happen then after the year I will re-evaluate if we did a good job. Its possible that 8-4 would make me happy, but guys lets be honest if we're 8-3 going into OSU and we lose, will you be happy?

There is no fucking way.


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Agreed. Although I do observe our confidence as a fanbase somewhat lower than when we have a veteran winning team (and very reasonably I might add) I do believe it when the coaches say that every year the goal is the same: win the big ten and head to the Rose Bowl. What we can control. When the system is completely in place and established, and a full rotation of players has occurred (by class) the goal will seem far more attainable because. Nevertheless, I don't expect to lose ever, especially not against OSU. Our kids almost took them down last year and I believe we played better in plenty of ways. A win is never out of reach for this program.


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Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...Three more wins...


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I think with the offense we have a shot at beating anybody even OSU.I say if this offense was the offense last year we beat OSU easy with the way there playing so far and with the DR factor.