Dymonte Thomas Interview

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on January 11th, 2012 at 8:09 PM

Hey guys, yesterday I was able to secure an interview with 2013 commit Dymonte Thomas. Great kid with a great attitude. If there's one thing I've learned in doing these interviews, it's that the coaching staff is bringing in high character kids who know what the rivalries mean. Hope you enjoy: Dymonte Thomas



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    With heroes like those, and the athleticism/talent to actually get him there, this kid will be a cruise missile on the field, can't wait to see him playing centerfield


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Dymonte seems like a great addition to the team. I like that he seems open to the experience and seem to be willing to work both on his play and for his time too - that says "great work ethic" to me. A Michigan man in the making. 

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In the blogosphere you don't just spill your sources or techniques when you're trying to become recruiting ninja....why would you ask sucha....



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They're pen pals.  Aqua sends him a letter with a question and a self-addressed, stamped envelope, the recruit responds, and this goes on about a dozen or so times until the interview is over. 

It takes months for each guy, but that's all the technology we have nowadays.

Steve Lorenz

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This is something I waited for a comment on. That's probably my biggest goal when interviewing someone is to try to change it up a bit so that they're not bored or giving him the "company answer" so to speak. Glad you feel that way and I hope other readers do too. 


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Aqua - You do a great job with the questions.  Keep up the hard work of trying to come up with different and insightful questions.  It is definitely a way to differentiate yourself.  You did a great job with the HS all american live blog as well.  I just happened to stop by and then I stayed which says something (of course having Logan helped but I went there before I knew he was going to be there).

JR's Flow

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You work in the blogosphere,  especially recruiting side, is exceptional. Keep the good work up. Plus I won the Fitz autograph from your FB page.

Recruiting Ninja in the works


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I'm visiting Ann Arbor this weekend and staying with him and his family actually and with me and Shane it's really easy to convince kids to commit here. Why wouldn't they want to?

I love the fact Dymonte and Shane are so passionate about Michigan.  Next years class should be a good one with those two helping on the recruiting trail.


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"Anytime we pull a defensive back out of Ohio, you know there's always a chance they could be the next #2."

Watching Charles shut down 3/4 of the field, skying for the 1-handed pick against little bro., seeing him return pics for 6 points, and then that image of him grinning with that rose in his teeth...good times.

The only other player that I've enjoyed watching almost as much as Charles is Dilithium.


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ty isaac, armani reeves, jordan diamond, and sam grant are on campus this weekend. hopefully shane and dymonte can persuade them to go to michigan! i reaaaally want ty isaac, he is the feature running back we are looking for and with the o-lineman we are bringing in and hopefully we get wyatt shallman as his leadblocker isaac could become something special.


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Maybe Shane will invite Ty over for a sleepover and the three of them can stay up all night talking about being future captains together and making the Heisman ceremony an all Wolverine affair.  Maybe we get LTT and Isaac as early commits as well and we have 4 top 50 guys to start off the class.  I'm going to sleep now to dream of this.

/irrationally optimistic


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It's certainly optimistic, but not totally out of the question.  LTT seems like a very heavy lean, and he could pull the trigger at any moment.  Isaac is more of a stretch, but if he gets to campus a few times between now and the summer, talks to the coaches and players, and sees the OL class we sign this year, it wouldn't be out of the question for him to commit. 

No doubt that would be an incredible start.


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No doubt he'll be a highly sought after recruit, but that doesn't mean he won't be an early commit.  Lots of big recruits end their recruitment early. 

Regardless of when he ends it, I hope he ends up with us.


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Great interview. Let's the reader get a little feel for Dymonte's personality, and it's a good one. I know I keep saying this, but this is another guy who just seems savvy beyond his years.


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Aqua, as of late you've had some great interviews.  Thanks for sharing.  I love that Dymonte and Shane are not only close, but he's staying at Shane's house during is AA visit.  Love that they're that close and love even more that Shane's parents embrace the relationship.  Great start to 2013 - both talent and character!


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Yeah, him staying with Shane and his family is a big deal.  It means they really are close and it will only help with an out-of-state early commit like Thomas.  If anyone had fears that Dymonte's commitment wouldn't last, this should ease those. 

The fact that they plan on being big M recruiters is awesome too.


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Aqua, I'm incredibly impressed with your work.  Keep it up.  


Edit: Also, not to go overboard about a 17 y/o, but man, you don't hear this answer to this Q everytime with top 50 recruits: 

Tremendous: Football wise, what do you need to work on?

Dymonte: Everything.