Dylan McCaffrey loses fifth star

Submitted by Decatur Jack on July 17th, 2016 at 10:10 AM

Just saw on 247 that McCaffrey has been dropped to a four-star instead of a five-star, which he had previously maintained for the past several months. Anyone know the reason for the drop?

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You cheer for commits to move up in rankings, because starz are statistically proven to something.  Buuut, you also want them to be underrated because it puts a chip on their shoulder and trust the coaches.  They have proved they can uncover talent that fits the system from their satellites in the south, the Pacific islands and probably soon space.

Harbaugh is going to be the first coach to recruit a space alien and you can bet your ass his 247 composite rank is going to be way too low.

By viewing both kinds of change as positives you acknowledge that #Harbaugh, but also hey c'mon you're a modern man who believes in empircal data and #1 ranked 6'5 300 pound DEs who can run a 4.5 40.

With this approach you can't lose.  The only losers around here are Sparty, consistency, and lack of weight gain/loss in underclassmen.


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Technically he never was a 5-star to any individual site. He was consistently a high 4-star to each site and the average put him within the top 25-30 prospects in the 247-composite which are given a 5-star status.

I thought he looked good at the opening, and like Peters still has a lot of upside as a multi-sport kid who hasn't focused solely on being a QB -- like many do these days.


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I blame Ed and Lisa (and, to a lesser extent) Christian McCaffery.

As a parent, I know that - unless you constantly reinforce to your child (starting at a very young age) how important it is to *always* keep your stars in a safe place and never take them somewhere where they might be lost or stolen - they *will* lose one or more of them at some point in their life. It is inevitable.

Poor parenting (and big-brothering) - simple as that.


July 17th, 2016 at 10:23 AM ^

Dropped to 101 on scout so his composite dropped. He also dropped 4 spots on 247 but that was because others moved up. They're releasing a full updated top 247 this week.