Dylan McCaffrey Collarbone

Submitted by Bluenin on November 9th, 2018 at 6:04 PM

After searching news articles and other message boards, I haven’t seen anything on the severity of the break of Dylan’s collarbone?  Just wondering if anyone had any insight on if it was just a minor fracture (4-6 weeks) or something that would require surgery?



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Obviously after you cut off your first arm you just leave the chainsaw running and then lie down on it so the other arm rests on the saw and the weight of your remaining arm should eventually make the saw cut through most of it and then you just wiggle a bit until it’s all the way off. What sucks is you’ll have no good way after that to block out the noise of the running chainsaw. If you’re lucky you’ll bleed out before the sound annoys you to death. Either way, there won’t be any more good reasons to come back from the dead, having accomplished the only one already. 


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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) is Federal law that provides for data privacy and security for safeguarding medical information. Basically it the official law that says, a person's medical information is theirs alone and none of anyone else's damn business.

Violations can lead to severe penalties and punishments for the people and the institutions where these occur.

Wow, that's all serious and dour. So here's a joke. A vet went to the zoo to check on several of the animals. On the way out, the zoo director stops the vet and asks "so how are the animals doing doc?". The vet answers "Sorry, can't discuss that with you, it would be a HIPPO violation."



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Every sports message board has constant threads and discussions about injuries.  Every such thread on MgoBlog has a post that leads to a side discussion about HIPAA and potential violations.  It never fails.  Get a new angle people, we get it, some of you are doctors.

If I Had a Nickle

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I broke my collarbone many years ago when I was 17 or 18. It took 6 weeks but the bones basically fused together and I was right back to playing basketball and flag football at the time. He probably has a harness to help set the bones in place.  He will be ready for bowl season but it is likely that he will not be ready for Oiho.


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Medically, no reason he couldn't be back by a bowl game...  I would give Peters ample time as backup vs rutger and indiana in hopes that he ramps up his game readiness vs OSU.  From what i've read, I dont think milton has the command of the offense at this point.


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Could have been a nice horror film-esque thread.  People come to see any updates on Dylan's injury, but instead the OP posts a picture of Dylan's collarbone, grotesquely separated from his body and on display for all to see.  At least that's what the title implied to me... honestly a little disappointed.


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No sorry I don't have any insight into Dylan's broken collerbone. I'll let you know if I find out anything. But I doubt I will since I'm just a random internet guy.


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Haven’t seen anything on the severity. Given the weird nature of these and the likelihood of refracture, I hope they shut him down for the season. If shea gets hurt during semifinal game, that we win, and Peters doesn’t cut it then MAYBE they’d consider him for the final.  

Hotel Putingrad

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I broke my collarbone after falling out of a second story window. Concussed myself as well.

But I was back to my old self in no time. No surgery required. Although my arms no longer bend identically.