Dwarfs Izzo

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What else ya got?


14-1 postseason last two years 

4 of 6 last Sweet Sixteens 

3 trips to Round of Eight last six years

2 of last 6 Final Fours 

One national championship game (opponent win vacated) 

Winning record over Izzo from third year when he had his own players 

3-0 last three games over MSU with 50-point total margin of victory 

Two Big Ten Conference championships


Won last two B1G tourneys (8-0)


Tied for second-most tourney wins (15) since 2013 after North Carolina (with 16) 


EDIT: Changed "Great Eight" to Round of Eight because of readers' aesthetic objections (I'd swear it used to be called that). And accept two criticisms: first, Izzo's accomplishments are considerable, starting with an NC; and two, that rubbing in Michigan's supremacy now may lack a certain gallantry. Have to admit, though, that I am still burning at the news from MSU, including where Izzo is concerned. And I am motivated in putting together the above list not just by his detractors there but here; the criticism of Beilein, when it strayed to calls for his firing, have been stupid as h*ll. If there are items that might be added to it, please let me know. 





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Look, I’m no Izzy fan by any means, but this is Beilein’s second Final Four and Izzo has seven. He’s won the Big Ten eight times and he has a national championship. Yes, we’ve owned them the last 3 games and have outperformed them over the last few years. But Beilein has a long way to go to catch Izzo’s accomplishments.

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This is hilarious because I saw this exact post (the OP, I mean) on RCMB and someone replied with almost your exact question. Either the OP is the same person who posted this on RCMB or he copied it and posted it here.

EDIT: Yep. Here it is - 



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throughout the 80s into early 90s ..palace even used to host an early season tournament of the tourney great eight the following year.

elite eight was a ESPN/CBS invention in early 90s that took years to gain acceptance

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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I live in Indiana.  They all care about IU and Purdue, and only loosely know about other teams. I have had people say to me, 'Beilein and Michigan are like what MSU used to be.  His teams always outperform expectations in March, and you never should count them out.'  Justice is being served, and greatness is being recognized.  This must be a tough week for Tom to see the best coach in Michigan get accolade after accolade while he sits at home and wonders about his future and his legacy.  Clean living and honest hard work always wins in the long run!  Beilein > Izzo - no doubt in my mind.

Go blue!


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Before even considering class, ethics and moral quality of the players that Beilein wins handily.

I just don’t see the need for this thread now - we have the better program and so much to look forward to so why pull ourselves down to MSU’s petty level?

Rambling Wolverine

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During games you see Beilein have a teaching moment when players are substituted.  Izzo just screams at the player as they leave the floor and has been known to grab them by the jersey and scream at them.