Durkin: Lots of room for improvement on defense

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Apparently Durkin won't be satisfied until we figure out a way to hold teams to negative points.



"People can get caught up in statistics and obviously there were some good stats coming out of that last game, and the last couple, but we can make a lot of improvement," 



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I'm not sure on his salary (not in a good position to look it up now) but we need to make sure we keep him. His next job needs to be a head coaching job. I don't want to lose him to a Texas or USC.


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but most everyone else understands that a tree has limbs which has branches etc. etc. etc.

See examples of Bill Walsh's coaching tree here:


I don't see one of those images that is limited to only his direct offshoots.

When a branch of a tree becomes significant (Bo versus Woody) then yes, I agree you start a new tree, but Bo is still part of Woody's tree.

Half of Ara Paraseghian's coaching tree is actually Bo's tree:



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 I know I will forget many of them but there were some great guys that coached with Bo. Nehlen at WV, James at Washington, Mallory at Indiana. McCartney at Colorado. Also Miles played for Bo and got his coaching start under Bo. I will think of more today I'm sure. And Moeller would be a great coach anywhere that gave him half a chance to be successful.

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He had a long list of coaches throughout his tenure that went on to be head coaches at major programs.  Yes, some were more successful than others.  But overall, they collectively had a very impressive track record.  I'd say Carr's coaching tree was far less successful on the whole. 

Harbaugh will definitely have regular turnover on his staff.  He tends to hire somewhat younger guys with a big upside.  Durkin will most certainly be moving on at some point.  And I'd guess within 2-3 years for sure.  Wheatley is another one who will probably move on to a higher level job.  We'll see with Drevno and Fisch. 


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Based on what? Gary Moeller won at Michigan like nobody's business. Lloyd Carr is a member of the college Hall of Fame both for his record and national championship. 

Lloyd was head coach fewer years than an assistant under Bo. And he was hired on Moeller's advice. 

McCartney and Miles, both Bo assistants, have won NCs. And, of course, Jim Harbaugh's dad, is part of the Schembechler root system and won an NC at Western Kentucky University. 

There are many other great names I am leaving off. 






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Don Nehlen: all-time winningest coach at WVU, got the Mountaineers to a NC game

Les Miles: Very successful at Okie St and LSU; won NC at LSU

Bill McCartney: great success at Colorado; won NC with Buffaloes

Lloyd Carr: Won NC at Michigan

Not to mention a large number of other assistants who had good amounts of success at Michigan and elsewhere.

I'll bet the number of head coaches with four former assistants to win 3 NCs and play for a fourth is pretty damn small.