Durkin on Harbaugh and Meyer

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Good short piece from Chengelis with quotes from DJ Durkin about working for both coaches.

On Harbaugh he said:

"When I first got there, it was like, oh my gosh,” Durkin told Pete Thamel of SI. ‘Then you finally spend more time with Jim. The guy is really smart. Extremely smart. Everything is for a reason, but he loves chaos. That's just how he operates. He loves confrontation, chaos, conflict. He doesn't want it to be everyone comfortable, this is the schedule. He just loves throwing a wrench in the works.

“So, when you first get there, it's like, what's going on? But it was great. To see someone impose their will, their confidence, their vision on a program, to totally change it — total 180. Stanford was known as a soft, academic, wine-sipping program. Now it's the total opposite. He definitely imposed his will on the place.”



April 28th, 2016 at 5:27 AM ^

That behind the coach speak he thinks Harbaugh is a abrasive asshole. When someone describes the guy they worked for as " “confrontation, chaos, conflict " what that is really saying is the guy is fuking selfish asshole and I hated him. I mean really, who would appreciate “confrontation, chaos, conflict " .

Further, we have ALL seen crazy Jim's displays of “confrontation, chaos, conflict " with literally every single person he encounters. This is why the folks at Stanford and the 49er's have nothing but disgust and angst towards the guy. Harbaugh is a narrsasitic, arrogant prick that isn't even close to being in the same league as Dantonio, let alone a Meyer. Meyer is a leader of young men, Harbaugh is a old guy who still thinks he is better than them, and obviously feels compelled to let them know it. What a fuking piece of shit.


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While his defense in the latter half of the season was suboptimal, he did get 3 shutouts and produce a top tier defense for the season.  I'm not so down on the guy, though I am also very happy with who we have moving forwards.


April 27th, 2016 at 3:57 PM ^

We all knew when we hired him he'd probably jump to a head coaching job after a short time period. But his departure did lead to us getting Don Brown, who appears to be an upgrade- and that's saying something. Thank the guy for leaving at this point. And now Michigan gets to pummel his team for years to come.

Avon Barksdale

April 27th, 2016 at 4:41 PM ^

What is with all the Maryland angst? If Ralph Friedgen can go 75-50 at Maryland, I see little reason why a dynamic recruiter like Durkin cannot build off that when they are going to play Rutgers, Indiana, and Purdue OR Illinois every year.

Are they good right now? No. Do I think Maryland is going to be pretty good in the future? Yes, I do. You guys can find this in five years if I am wrong, but I am guessing that Maryland will be a perennial 8-5 type team in the future is Durkin stays there.