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October 31st, 2018 at 8:18 PM ^

....I might disagree from what I have read online from a few different articles today.  The President (Loh) wanted durkin gone, however, the regents said to the president that they want to keep durkin or they will fire the Loh.  So Loh gave them the big f/u and said that he would retire/quit/leave your sorry asses once the school year ended.  

Now it seems that after the outcry, Loh pulled the trigger himself and fired captain crabcakes without consulting with the regents - which seems hard to believe.

My take is that the regents are just as bad if not worse than the staee regents, big difference is that their President, Loh, has a fucking backbone unlike lou ann simon or engler.

This could still get interesting as how long will the AD be around???


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does he now have a case to sue them?  is it normal to reinstate someone and then fire them instead of just firing them while they were suspended?  

i think he should have been fired weeks ago but reinstating him might open up a payout opportunity for Durkin because he sure as hell isn't getting hired to be a Head Coach anywhere in the next year or two.


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I'm not an MGoLawyer...but you can't tell someone "hey, you did nothing wrong" and the very next day it's "yeah you're a disgrace and we're firing you."

If I'm Durkin I'm suing like immediately. 

Aaaaaand it puts me in a weird position. Like, I hope Durkin doesn't get a dime out of this, but I also simultaneously hope that Maryland has to pay every dime for enabling this asshole.


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usually if someone is fired for cause the buyout is not applicable.  if fired without cause the buyout would normally be paid.

they reinstated him and essentially cleared him of wrong doing so i don't think they can say he was fired with cause but i'm not a lawyer.

I think they really fucked up by not firing him before essentially exonerating him and exposed the university to serious financial liability.  


November 1st, 2018 at 1:20 AM ^

just found this on ESPN:

Durkin has approximately $8.5 million left on his deal. Per his contract, if Maryland does not fire him for cause -- which the university is not doing, according to a spokesperson -- he is owed 65 percent of the total, which is $5.53 million.

Half of the $5.53 million will be paid out in the first 60 days after his termination (by Dec. 31), and the rest will be paid on a monthly basis.


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I was thinking earlier today that if Durkin was still coach and I was the QB or RB, I'd take the ball and kneel or run backwards.  Try to throw the game to get his ass fired.

Glad they went about it this way but it's still a head scratcher as to why they made that decision in the first place.