Dunn reaffirms to OSU

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Title says it all.

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Firstly this is a big shame, as Dunn is a talented back who could have really helped the transition to a pro style offense in 2013. In the end, he went with his heart, and for that we cannot blame him; he's chosing to live out his dream and play for OSU. If he's as good as some say he is (scout.com 5* prospect), then he'll have success in whatever scheme OSU uses, or Meyer will adapt his offense slightly. Whatever the case it'll be interesting to see how is career at OSU shapes up. 

It's certainly not the end of the world, as Michigan has paid at least two visits to see 2013 RB Ty Issac in last few weeks, and we're probably going to have a good chance in his recruitment.

As for the rest of the class, Dunn's decision now makes things a lot clearer. In my view, it's likely to end up with Chesson, Grant, Kozan, Reeves and Wright as the five.

- If Grant sticks with Boston College, then expect UM to go hard after J.P Holtz

- Personally I don't like our chances with Diamond, Banner or Garnett, but even if we lose out on Kozan, we'll still take a 6th offensive lineman because our depth is so poor; it will just be a random prospect that hasn't come onto the radar yet. 



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I had a feeling this was gonna happen. There was just too much buckeye in him but its all good. We got Fitz for another 2 years with some young guys in the background and Ty Isaac in 2013 hopefully.


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on campus yet, he isn't an EE anymore, and his official is scheduled for January. Don't forget he reaffirmed his commitment earlier too. Look what's happened since then. I'll be worried when he signs his LOI with another team. And then I'll laugh when I realize that Pipkins will demolish anyone in his path in a couple years.


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Haven't seen either in person, but looking at tape, Isaac is faster and more dynamic but less powerful. He reminds me more of Fitz Toussaint while Dunn reminds me of Anthony Thomas. Think they'll probably end up in about the same range in terms of rankings.

Isaac put up over 500 yards in the state title game (and his team lost, somehow...)—he's gonna be a heck of a pickup for someone, and Michigan and Notre Dame look like his early leaders.


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Garmon was leaning towards Iowa last I checked, but hadn't ruled out Michigan, so we could see Hoke try to pull him in if he really wants a RB in this class. Wes Brown is no longer an option. Other than those two, I don't think we go after another back in this class. Have enough depth that it's best to fill needs elsewhere and focus on getting two quality backs in the '13 class. That said, if Garmon shows interest, I wouldn't be surprised if the coaches tried to get him—tough to turn down four-star backs, and at 6'2", 200 pounds he fits the mold of what this staff wants in a RB.

STW P. Brabbs

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Ace, Isaac reminds you of Fitz Toussaint?  Like, our 5'10" shifty jitterbug?

Ty Isaac is 6'3", 215, and has a long, gliding stride that's deceptively fast.  He's nowhere near as agile as Toussaint, because he obeys the laws of physics as we know them. 

To me (Fred Jackson Time!) he looks a lot like Eric Dickerson.  Or, if you're dying for a Michigan comparison, maybe a smoother, less physical Chris Perry, or Tall Carlos Brown with Balance. 


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... plus who would believe a skinny overpaid bow-tie wearing public administrator who reeks of bones in the closet. I would rather have a PSU asst watch my kids than place them in the care of the OSU family...Mo C, Troy Smith... star players at OSU don't fair too well post-Columbus... given Urban's permissive nature I imagine TPeezy's "everybody murders" to be back in style late Fall 2012.


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He's also only a junior in high school who is close to Dunn.  It was long rumored that wherever Dunn went was where Dymonte would go.  About the only person that I'm 100% sure will end up at UM in any class is Shane Morris


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One thing ive learned since following recruiting is never take what recruits say seriously. You never know with that scumbag Meyer, he might pull out a blank check and pay Dymonte. I dont like that hes offering our guys, bastard. Long time til this ones over...