Dumb Question - Beilein contract

Submitted by poseidon7902 on March 26th, 2018 at 9:17 AM

I know in football there are quite a bit of bonuses paid out for accomplishments.  I tried to find Beilein's contract to see what he has coming for a F4 appearance, potential NC appearance and potential NC.  I've seen reference that he's paid 3 mil a year, but is that base or does that include vonus?  This isn't for reference of his worthiness, but more inquisitiveness.  



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Looks strange at first, but it's probably better for the coach. It's a lot easier for a coach to get a bid, win a game or two, vs. running the table and winning it all. Therefore, a coach (not trying to make this personal to Beilein) would prefer to have flat bonus for each round or even more heavily weighted toward early rounds. This is one case though where I'm sure money is not the driving incentive, for any coach at this level, for any given season. They just want to win. 


As for Beilein: pay the man! He's earned it all!


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I agree.  weird that a National Championship game caries the same payout as a round of 64 win.  I doubt JB cares about the money.  He doesn't seem like that kind of person, but whoever wrote that contract didn't seem to think JB would make it as far as he has.  I wonder what power Ward has to grant above and beyond bonuses.  


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I think it's pretty brilliant. Instead of paying him $100,000 for making the final four and $150,000 for winning the title, they just give him $25,000 per win. Yea sure, the National Championship payout is technically slightly less, but i think you'd be hard pressed to find another coach that makes $25,000 for beating Montana in the first round.


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It's really not.  B1G Tournament Title leads to an automatic NCAA Tournament bid.  So that's actually $50,000 for winning the B1G Tournament.  Additionally, if you think of it as $200K bonus for winning the National Title, which would you prefer as a coach?  A one-time bonus at the end or bonus increments per win?  In the end, if he wins it all, he gets the $200K, but if he doesn't advance as far, he still is rewarded.  


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Beilein's bonus payouts kick in sooner than Bill Self's.  Self only gets $150K bonus if Kansas get to the Final Four.  Beilein gets $25K for a NCAA bid and $25K for each win in the tournament.  Self comes out ahead after reaching the Final Four but he risks getting nothing if he comes up short.  

Kansas’ Bill Self

Has ...

$50,000: Big 12 regular season title

$25,000: Big 12 tournament title

Can get …

$150,000: Final Four appearance

$200,000: Win NCAA title


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