Dumb Buckeye moments

Submitted by MGoRobo on July 16th, 2010 at 8:26 PM

So I was just on CBSSports doing a mock fantasy draft, and it so happened that while we were chatting one of the guys said he was a Buckeye fan.  My reply was obvious, so this conversation ensues (paraphrased, but mostly true to the chat log):

Buckeye: we own you

Me: actually, we own you...you have RECENTLY owned us

Buckeye: michigan hasn't beat OSU in football in over 2500 days

Me: 57-43-6...nuff said

Buckeye: most of Michigan's wins came in the 19th century anyway


I then proceeded to make fun of the fact that Michigan-OSU was played only ONCE in the 19th century (1897, the first ever game, a game Michigan won 34-0).  Mr. Buckeye proceeded to leave said draft.

Key Takeaways:

1. It would be a Buckeye who doesn't know the 19th century from the 20th century.

2. Hey! We were undefeated against OSU during the 19th century.

3. Really?  Hahahaha...


Anyway...I wanted to hear other funny stories that people have gone through with Buckeyes.  It was very amusing, so I'm assuming there are funnier out there.  Feel free to share.



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I have to confess that I was unclear as to whether the "Buckeye moment" was "dumb", or the "dumb Buckeye" had a "moment". After having read your account, I'm not sure I'm any more clear.

the_big_house 500th

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I noticed somebody sent me a personal message and his name was like burghbuckeye and it said "At least OSU goes to da super bowl every year." I reminded him the super bowl was the NFL championship. You guys won the Rose Bowl buddy. His reply "my bad."


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I bowled in a two-man team "money league" in the West Palm Beach area with a former Buckeye booster as my teammate.  We had at best average talent, but took second place prize money when it was over, having a better season than a lot of teams with a lot more talent.  We discovered that all we had to do was have a few beers and be belligerent to each other about the UM/OSU rivalry and it would make those competing against us underachieve. 

They were so busy laughing at us or getting ready to get out of the way in case we did anything stupid that they made crucial mistakes due to lack of focus.  We won more close games that season than anyone.  I don't know if anyone ever figured out that after the first night we decided to "agree to disagree" as loudly as possible.  We sorta turned league nights into an extended WWE promo. 

I think that is the only "productive" series of conversations I have ever had with a Buckeye.  It was sorta like I got paid to rip on OSU and he got paid to rip on UM.  We were both quite happy with the situation. 

 I also goaded him into telling me about some of the violations that "used to happen" there under Earle Bruce, but it was a little late.  I wish I could find someone like that now and find out some dirt about the current regieme.