Duane Long Top 50 in Ohio

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on August 31st, 2011 at 12:37 PM

A few weeks ago, Duane Long was part of a group that released a very biased top 50 seniors in Ohio.  It had mid/low four star OSU commits (i.e. Bogard) as the top in the state while guys like Kalis were not even in the top 10.

Apparently, that wasn't Duane Long's top 50.

Right now on his site he's ranking his top 50 (from 50 down to 1) and his rankings are much more favorable to Michigan and seem far more objective than those other rankings.

He has yet to release the top 10, but it looks like Kalis, Wormley and (possibly? EDIT: I actually don't think Ringer is in the top 50 now) Ringer are among them. 

My only criticism of his analysis is that he basically provides a glowing review of every player.  Guys ranked in the 40s sound like future 1st team all-americans.  Every player "could be the best player at his position."  But nonetheless its an interesting read.

Heres the link to his latest entry (with previous entries above it):




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to mainly osu fans....so he caters to them...   I see no reason to get bent since the rankings don't mean much anyway...  The top players in the state are obvious anyway and only some diehard homer or teenager wouldn't recognize it


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"The best free safety in the state. Wilson could be the best safety in the state period. If there was no question about him as a tackler I would definitely rank him the best safety in Ohio. His ball skills are even better than Frank Epotropulous, and that is saying something. Super athletic player with great speed. A real threat to take it to the house after he makes an interception." 



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Had been pretty high on Ringer.  For him to have fallen out of the top 50 (when he was a 'starter' on Long's all state team a few months ago) doesn't make much sense...except for the fact that he is now a Wolverine.