DT Henry Poggi Interview (2013 commit)

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I'm not sure if there are any rules about posting links to other blogs, but I thought this interview with 2013 DT commit Henry Poggi was well worth the read.  It provides some interesting insights into his relatively quiet recruiting process, why he chose Michigan over Alabama (and everyone else), his unusual pregame ritual, and his rocky relationship with Kate Upton.

Please also note his proper use of the phrase "could not care less."  

Conclusion: Another definite Michigan Man.




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"Henry: I don't really get too nervous before games, but if I don't go to the bathroom before a game, I do get nervous. It's important to note that as long as I had a good bathroom stop, we would win. We don't have state championships for private schools in Maryland; we fight for the conference championship. We were able to win it this year and I have to say that my pre-game bathroom trip was especially epic before that one."

I can already imagine the TV sideline reporter being asked before every game, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Poggi's pre-game piss performance?"


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"When I made my decision, the two schools it came down to were the two schools that I felt like had the best chance to win a national championship during my four or five years. I made my decision with that in mind."


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" I don't know. I don't really care either, whatever gets me on the field first and gives me an opportunity to help my team."- Poggi, in  response to a question about where he feels he fits in position-wise

To me, statements like this show that Michigan really did make a great impression on him. No preconceptions, but he wants to be part of this school and this team and go from there and play where he fits best on the team. He also said that he liked that the 2013 commits were very close to one another, and I think that it is great that they are forming these bonds now, because it will definitely serve them well when they officially are in Ann Arbor. 


Sione's Flow

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Kid is definitely gonna be a gamer. With all the talk about flow on this team, how does UM not have an agreement with some hair product line? DB needs to get on this ASAP.